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Thursday, 5 April 2007

You Ask, We Answer: Dictionary

The YAWA Dictionary: adding meaning to your garden blogging.

NB Items without a link are in the pipeline

YAWA Dictionary definitions:
  • Dictionary kick-off post
  • Amendment
  • Aubergine
  • Biscuit (aka Scone)
  • Butt updated
  • Canning
  • Collards
  • Compost
  • Cowslip/Celandine
  • Crane
  • Escarole
  • Fava beans
  • Flats
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Grit
  • Hell Strip
  • Jacket Potatoes
  • Ladybird/Ladybug
  • Lasagna Gardening
  • Mangetout peas
  • Rutabaga
  • Sultana (plus raisins and currants, don't forget the other meaning!)
  • Secateurs
  • Squash
  • Stick of butter
  • Volunteer
  • Wasp/Yellowjacket
  • Wick
  • Yard
YAWA full service articles:
Miscellaneous Articles:

Sunday, 1 April 2007

My Other Blogs and Webby Stuff

Here are the rest of the places where I have a presence on the interweb...

Wherever possible I've kept the same Avatar aka Profile Picture aka Favicon across the web, so you know it's me :)


  • Sign of the Times - my regular photojournal. Not many words, but plenty of pictures
  • VP's Open Garden - raised over £1,000 for WaterAid in 2008. Still available for you to wander around my garden and allotment
  • Meet at Malvern - a record of bloggers get togethers at Malvern spring and autumn shows in 2010 and 2011. It also gets updated when I visit the show and has links to other bloggers' posts for those times. It can also be used as a resource for visitors in general or for anyone wanting to arrange a meet up in future. 
  • Box of Delight - an archive of reminisces and things to make me smile, with the odd bit of creative writing thrown in for good measure. Not updated very often


  • My chatty twitterid is @Malvernmeet (my first foray into Twitter to get our first bloggers get together as well known as possible)
  • My blog twitterid is @VegPlotting

I also curate several 'Twitter Newspapers' which is a quick way to read the content (i.e. links) tweeted by the people or organisations I follow using the application. For a general guide to how Twitter Newspapers work, read The Plotting Daily is Out


Try Veg Plotting's Facebook and Instagram pages. These often have additional original content to what appears on this blog e.g. Blooms Day extra.

My YouTube Channel - if you want to see what lawnmower racing looks like, snowing in my garden, or the Christmas lights glowing; bees amongst almond blossom on our estate, or our scary trip across the Pontcysylte Viaduct etc., then this is the place for you

My Amazon Reviews - my book reviews and product testing on Veg Plotting are usually transferred across and adapted for Amazon. There's also lots of extra reviews which aren't included on this blog

Online Garden Clubs and Blog Lists

Just like the in real world there are plenty of gardening 'clubs' and forums found online. They're great for finding like minded people plus lots hints and tips about all things horticultural. There's also a few places where you can find other gardening blogs like (and unlike) this one from around the world.

Here's a small selection. If you have a favourite not listed here, tell me about it in the Comments below.

Gardening Clubs and Forums
  • Allotments 4 All (A4A) - a great forum for all things fruit and veg - mainly UK
  • Folia - a social personal garden organiser with a worldwide membership
  • Garden Network - a forum for both horticulture professionals and amateurs - mainly UK
  • GrowVeg - another GYO forum, not quite as popular as A4A
  • My Garden - the RHS forum
  • Shoot - personal garden organiser, plant database and online community - mainly UK
  • UK Veg Gardeners - great food growing community, but I'm biased as I'm a founding member!
Blog Lists

Events Diary: Your Monthly Guide to What's On

In 2009, as part of my You Ask, We Answer offering, I put together a monthly events diary highlighting some of the more unusual garden or food related customs and events held around this country. Celebratory days and our main garden shows were also included.

Whilst the specific dates aren't applicable for most of the entries in subsequent years, it still forms a useful guide to use as a starting point for potential visits and exploration. The website links given for each event will enable you to find out the dates for this year. Note that the monthly summaries below aren't exhaustive, but are just to give a flavour of what's available.
  • January - Whittlesea Straw Bear Festival, Wassailing, Potato Days, RSPB Garden Birdwatch
  • February - Snowdrops, Bramley Apple Week, World Wetlands Day, RHS London Show, Fairtrade Fortnight, Shrove Tuesday (date varies depending when Easter is and can be in March), Rhubarb Festival
  • March - Daffodils, National Science Week, World Water Day, Earth Hour, British Summer Time Begins
  • April - Easter (in March sometimes), RHS Show Cardiff, National Garlic Day, Earth Day, British Asparagus Festival, National Beanpole Week
  • May - May Day, International Dawn Chorus Day, International Worm Charming Festival, Compost Awareness Week, Great London Garden Trail, RHS Malvern Spring Show, National Be Nice to Nettles Week, Watercress Festival, RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Chelsea Fringe, Cheese Rolling, Woolsack Races
  • June - National Volunteer Week, World Environment Day, Gardeners' World Live, The Hoppings, National Winking Day, Midsummer's Day
  • July - RHS Hampton Court Show, Wem Sweet Pea Show, RHS Tatton Park Show, National Parks Week
  • August - Pershore Plum Festival, Egton Bridge Gooseberry Show, Chilli Fiesta, National Allotments Week, Festival of the Tree
  • September - The Gardening Show, Gardeners' Question Time Garden Party, Dig Together Day, Widecombe Fair, Heritage Open Days, Thames Festival, Harrogate Autumn Show, Egremont Crab Apple Fair, Britain in Bloom winners announced, RHS Malvern Autumn Show, World Stone Skimming Championships
  • October - Mangold Hurling, Grand Designs Live, World Conker Championships, RHS Autumn Show, Blog Action Day, Apple Days, Halloween, British Summer Time comes to and end
  • November - British Sausage Week, Bonfire Night, Mistletoe auctions begin, Buy Nothing Day, National Tree Week, NaBloPoMo
  • December - Winter walks, Christmas Markets, Mistletoe Festival and National Mistletoe Day, Tree Dressing Day, Holy Thorn Ceremony, Mummers plays, Hogmanay and other New Year's Eve festivals

Press Cuttings

In 2009 I was a finalist in the Garden Blog of the Year category at the Garden Media Guild's (GMG) annual awards. James Alexander-Sinclair won again, but I was pleased to hear my name read out at the awards lunch and for James to recommend this blog during his acceptance speech :)

In 2011 I was a finalist in the Horticultural Channel's inaugural awards. It's rather good because nominations and votes come from the public. I'm also proud to be a contributor to the eventual winner, The Guardian Gardening blog :)

In 2012, Veg Plotting was again a finalist in the GMG's Garden Blog of the Year. Runner-up to the mighty Guardian Gardening Blog is fine by me.

In 2013, Veg Plotting had its third finalist spot, making it the most successful blog not to have achieved the winner's prize.

Acclaim for Veg Plotting...

BBC Countryfile magazine said:
The best blogs are based around a central passion but allow the author to digress wildly, letting their personalities flood through. Veg Plotting is such a blog...

...VP takes in such varied subjects as making elderflower cordial and the use of plastic flowers in railway station hanging baskets. Eclectic and always entertaining.

Blog of the Month, August 2009

And here's what BBC Gardeners' World magazine had to say:
...entertaining and educational glimpses into a normal garden and allotment in Chippenham. Lots of hints and surprises.

January 2009

From Walton's Best Gardening or Shed Blog nomination:

Based in Wiltshire, this blog offers a quirky view of the world of gardening and allotments, as well as an irreverant take on the world around us!
November 2010
Grow Your Own magazine's Growing help feature said:
Follow the musings of this Wiltshire-based gardener as she blogs about life, allotments and producing crops on limestone-clay soil. If you're planning to visit other people's plots in 2011 her reviews and stunning photography will encourage you out of the potting shed and into the car.

Expect to be inspired by pictures of RHS Wisley, Dyrham Park and many other fantastic fruit-and-veg growing spots. The blogger opened her own garden to the public in 2008.

February 2011 (NB March's edition) and again in February 2012:

Bloggers come and bloggers go, but I'm happy to say that Wiltshire based allotment holder Michelle Chapman is a constant source of inspiration on the ever-evolving cyber gardening scene. Her site (which gives her other moniker, VP) is a great place to go for honest, thorough product reviews, musings on allotment life, seasonal recipes and thoughtful posts on everything from grafted tomatoes to potato blight. Catch up with VP on Twitter, too @malvernmeet.
Daily Mail:
Blogs I particularly enjoy are Veg Plotting, and James Alexander-Sinclair’s award winning one at

Nigel Colborn February 2011
RHS Grow Your Own website:
One of several blogs in Our Featured Blogs for this month...
March 2011- March 2014 (website feature now discontinued)

James Wong (tweeting as @BotanyGeek): Essential reading for any grow your own geek - September 2012

Extract from Chelsea Fringe 2013 website - click to read on

Andrew WilsonI was invited to judge blogs in the Garden Media Guild Awards, enabling me to explore some splendid examples of this relatively new form of communication. Writers such as Michelle Chapman were celebrated as finalists, recognising her approach to productive gardening in particular with her 52-week salad challenge. Seed Developments expert blog, January 2013.

Abigail Willis: Chelsea Fringe 2013 - The Festival Sans Frontieres Continues June 2013

Add Garden Answers feature

Add Grow London & Express online mentions - May 2014

Pacific Horticulture Magazine (USA): Chelsea Fringe - Gardening's Quirky Side (features my 2013 Chelsea Fringe project) - Spring 2014

Veronica Peerless: Chelsea Fringe 2014 - Online Chelsea Fringe Projects - May 2014

Other honourable mentions (press, radio and peer):

A Quick Blog Tour

Thanks for visiting Veg Plotting and welcome :)

This post is a quick tour of my blog to highlight some of its key features and I hope it'll help you to quickly feel at home.

You'll see to the right there's some summary Pages to help you get started which includes a bit about me plus an introduction to my garden and allotment plot. Just click on the Home Page link to bring you back to my blog. Clicking on the Veg Plotting in the box at the top of the screen does the same thing. You can do this wherever you've got yourself within the blog to get you back to where you started.

Staying on the right and below the Pages there's a selection of some of my Popular Posts to give you an idea of the wide range of topics I write about. You'll also see a little further down I've put a Translate button just in case you feel more comfortable reading this in another language.

If you wish to home in on a particular subject, there's a Search box you can use at the top left of the page. This is just like Googling, except the search and results are restricted to what's here on my blog. Staying on the left hand side, but further down, you'll also find a Labels section, which shows the broad topics I write about and the number of articles written for each of them. Using Search or Labels will present you with a series of appropriate articles I've written in reverse date order and you can simply page through them as you like.

I've been lucky to meet a number of people both virtually and for real during my time blogging. If they also have a blog, then you'll find a Link to them in my right sidebar. There's also useful links and others designed to tell you more about where I live etc. I also have a few pictures dotted around, these are worth hovering over to see whether there's a link to another of my blog posts.

On the left I've chosen to show you the Weather where I live as this is important to me as a gardener and perhaps you'd like to compare it with where you are at the moment. Clicking on this for more information will take you out of my blog, so you'll need to use your back button to get back to me.

I do hope you'll enjoy your visit and would like to come back sometime. With this in mind I've provided a number of options on the left hand sidebar to make it easier for you to not miss a thing. If you have a Google account set up, then the Follow facility is for you. Or if you already read blogs using another reader such as Bloglines, then you might like to Subscribe to my RSS feed. Finally, there's an Email subscription option which will pop my latest article into your inbox whenever I publish something.

Finally, do dive in, enjoy and if you have any questions or anything to say about my blog in general or on a specific post, then we can start a conversation in the Comments either via the link below or via the one below the particular post you're looking at.

Booky Wooks

I don't have a mega publishing deal... yet - contact me if you'd like to offer me one ;)

In the meantime I've had the opportunity to do a little light publishing and reviewing as follows...

First forays into publishing

I learnt a lot by about writing and the process of publishing with my contribution of a chapter to award-winning author Niki Jabbour's Ground Breaking Food Gardens

I produced a plan for producing year-round salads in the tiniest of spaces. You can read about how it all happened here.

I got quite emotional when I found the book on display in a tool shop in Toronto at the start of  2015's Garden Bloggers Fling. It was the first time I'd seen it in a shop, rather than my own copy.

My first foray into publishing was gathering up my posts about Chippenham into a Blurb book, called ABC of Chippenham.

Blurb is just one of the mind boggling number of self-publishing options available. This project was to satisfy my own curiosity about how self-publishing works and was an enjoyable exercise.

I wrote a blog post about it here.

In 2013 I was given the opportunity to convert a company blog I look after into a book. It celebrated their staff raising over a quarter of a million pounds for charity in just three years.

So Abseil to Zumba was born, which gives a flavour of the range of activities the staff undertook in order to raise their cash.

The book had a tiny print run, but unlike most book deals I was paid by hour to produce it.

And finally, I converted Veg Plotting into a Kindle book, just to find out the process involved. I don't expect anyone to buy it, when they can read everything here for free.

2016 Update

A couple of sparkly new additions for 2016...

Work in progress on the Sign of the Times book
In August I trialed Saal Digital's blog to book offering and selected over 400 photos to showcase from my Sign of the Times blog. 

Overall quality was good, but it didn't have the flexibility that Blurb offers.

I reviewed the process and result here.

Orchard Odyssey book cover
I proof-read and made suggestions to Naomi Slade's Orchard Odyssey, published in September 2016. 

It's interesting to see how the plain Word documents I reviewed chapter by chapter were transformed into the luscious result. 

In her Acknowledgements at the front of the book Naomi says:

"For their rigorous proof-check and brilliant ideas, Rose Ward, Michelle Chapman and Janet Angus must be gratefully acknowledged..." :)

It's also made The Guardian's selection of the best gardening books of 2016.

Book Reviews

In 2011 and 2012 I reviewed specialist books for Green Places magazine, a publication which specialised in the design, legislation and issues faced by the UK's open spaces.

The books ranged from a dark poetry anthology through to the consideration of the sustainable design of the 2012 Olympic Park, with lots more in between.

It was a pleasure to read, review and learn from the publications which came my way. 

An eight page pdf selection of my published reviews can be read here.

I also review books here on Veg Plotting from time to time sourced from good gardening book publishers such as Timber Press, Frances Lincoln and the RHS. All my reviews and related bookish activities are gathered under my Books label.

Published Articles To Date

I write for Gabriel Ash; plus I look after Connect Group's Community Link-Up blog which documents their corporate fundraising and volunteering activities. I also look after West Green House Gardens' online presence (website, newsletter and social media).

I've also contributed to national newspapers, lifestyle and specialist magazines, and lots of websites and blogs. 

Here's a list of my work to date. Just like my blog, the range of subjects I'm commissioned to write about is broad.

National Newspapers

The Guardian Weekend:

The Independent
 (with Victoria Summerley):

Lifestyle and Specialist Magazines

GMG News (Garden Media Guild's quarterly magazine - social media articles):

Green Places magazine book reviews:
  • Biophilic Cities - July 2011
  • Kidland - September 2011
  • Woodland creation for wildlife and people in a changing climate - October 2011
  • Designing for Play - November 2011
  • Designing with Microclimate - December 2011 
  • Small Green Roofs: Low-Tech Options for Home Owners - February 2012
  • London 2012 - The Sustainable Olympics - March 2012
  • Botany for Landscape Architects - April 2012
  • The Vertical Garden - May 2012
  • The Planting Design Handbook - June 2012

Wiltshire Life 
  • The Olympic Challenge is Personal for Smiths - August 2012

Wiltshire magazine:
  • Wool, Tennis Balls and Boats - April 2011
  • A Town Reinvented - June 2011
  • Fine Dining in England's Prettiest Village - December 2011
  • Future Farmers - February 2012
  • Down on the FarmApril 2012
  • Down on the Farm - June 2012
  • Calves, Lemons and Industry - August 2012
  • People and Power: Trowbridge - October 2012
  • Horatio's Garden - February 2013
  • Minibeast Marvels - June 2013

Websites and blogs

BBC Gardening blog:

First Home News:

Gabriel Ash blog:

Garden Furniture Centre blog:

Garlic and Sapphire (Sarah Raven's company blog)

The Guardian Gardening blog:

thinkinGardens book reviews:

Social Media and Online Management

  • Garden Media Guild Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts + articles re social media in their quarterly newsletter - Feb 2012 to present
  • Connect Group's Community Link-Up blog management and author - Dec 2011 to present
  • West Green House Garden's online PR (Website/newsletter editor, plus news/views of the garden on Twitter and Facebook) - May 2015 to present

The Guardian Gardening Blog

My articles published so far on The Guardian's Gardening Blog:

Kingdom of Plants 3D - 25th May 2012
My Malvern Show - 13th May 2011
Best Autumn Gardens - 15th October 2010
Spuds you'll like (about potato days) - 20th January 2010
All is not well in the gardens of our dreams - 25th August 2009
Got a glut? Try mangetout and mint soup – 14th July 2009
How to spot the arrival of summer – 1st June 2009
Hot composting: trying out the green Johanna compost bin – 5th May 2009

Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

I'm committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of anyone reading or commenting on my blog.

This Privacy Notice explains how Veg Plotting collects and uses information when the blog is used.
If you require any more information or have any questions, please contact me at Vegplotting at gmail dot com.

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This data is very useful for establishing the volume of people using Veg Plotting, the most popular days of the week and the type of content people are most interested in, but as stated above, the data does not reveal any details about individuals and only gives summary data about the performance of the blog.

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  • Facebook Privacy policy –  NB Veg Plotting isn't currently connected to Facebook, except for the use of the Share button.

Guest Posts

I don't reserve all of my best content for Veg Plotting, some of it's found in my guest posts elsewhere. It's great to have the challenge to write something suitable that's different to my usual style.

I've written guest posts for...

Publishers, companies and organisations

  • Battlesbridge Mills Garden Centre
  • BBC Gardening Blog
  • Gabriel Ash
  • Garden ER (TV programme)
  • Garlic and Sapphire (Sarah Raven's company blog)
  • Heritage Open Days Blog
  • Reader's Digest
  • The Garden Furniture Centre
  • The Guardian Gardening Blog

Other Blogs

  • Emma Cooper's Gardening Blog
  • Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits
  • Fennel and Fern
  • The Garden Monkey's Book Flange
  • The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy
  • thinkinGardens
  • UK Veg Gardeners
  • We Love This Book
  • Work From Home Wisdom (answers to interview questions)

A full list of links to my guest posts are listed below. If you’d like me to write one for you or to commission an article, drop me an email at vegplotting at gmail dot com with an outline of what you have in mind.

Note: I don't publish guest posts on Veg Plotting, unless we've got to know each other well through chatting away via our blogs, or other social media.

BBC Gardening Blog 

Colour Theory in Gardening Design - 20th March 2011

Encounters With Remarkable Biscuits 

A Little Conundrum - 6th December 2010
A Halloween Special - 31st October 2010
A Pome - 18th October 2010
And Now the News... - 11th October 2010
Stop Press**Stop Press**Stop Press** - 24th August 2010
The Dunksafe - 15th April 2010
Easter Bunnies (and Biscuits) - 5th April 2010
The Worcester Dunker - 18th March 2010
Dog Biscuit - 11th March 2010

A Biscuit Haiku - 4th March 2010
Cosy Biscuit - 22nd February 2010
Valentine's Day - 14th February 2010
Singing in the Biscuit Tin - 28th January 2010
Double Dutch - 21st January 2010
Chocolate Spice Cookies - 12th December 2009
Missed Opportunity - 28th November 2009
Woooooooooo! - 31st October 2009
Biscuits of the Rich and Famous Pt 1 - 31st October 2009
A Bit on the Side - 21st October 2009

Gabriel Ash

See my Author Page for the full set of posts I've written for Gabriel Ash.

Garlic and Sapphire

Get growing your own salad leaves - 2nd April 2013

Heritage Open Days

Garden Visit: Poppleton Community Railway Nursery - 27th September 2012

Reader's Digest

See my Author page on the Reader's Digest site for all the articles I've written for them.

The Garden Furniture Centre 

Bringing the Harvest Home - 5th September 2011
Get Out and About This Autumn - 9th October 2011
Autumn Gardening Jobs - 4th November 2011
Christmas Decorations to Make - 6th December 2011

The Garden Monkey’s Book Flange

Hedge Man - 3rd January 2011
Guest Blogger Goes Bookaging – 23rd July 2009
Hybrid Vigour25th November 2008
VP’s Writing SP8th November 2008
Book Review: Gardeners’ World Top Tips1st November 2008
I’m the Firestarter29th June 2008
Soupcon Sir?8th June 2008
Deeply Dippy5th June 2008

The Guardian Gardening Blog

Pilgrim's Progress: Two French Gardens with Religious Roots - 22nd June 2017
The Kingdom of Plants 3D - 25th May 2012
My Malvern Show - 13th May 2011
Best Autumn Gardens - 15th October 2010
Spuds you'll like (about potato days) - 20th January 2010
All is not well in the gardens of our dreams - 25th August 2009
Got a glut? Try mangetout and mint soup – 14th July 2009
How to spot the arrival of summer – 1st June 2009
Hot composting: trying out the green Johanna compost bin – 5th May 2009
Gardeners’ World: the verdict6th April 2009 (with several other garden bloggers)

The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy

Separated at Birth? – 19th July 2009


Review of Parks, Plants and People by Lynden B Miller - 1st March 2010
Review of The Well-connected Gardener by Sue Minter - 27th December 2010

UK Veg Gardeners (NB need an account to view this content)

Work From Home Wisdom

How to Lose Weight When You Work From Home - 6th November 2012

The ones that got away - no longer available online 

Writing samples available on request - contact vegplotting at gmail dot com.

  • Battlesbridge Mills Garden Centre - Herbs in My Garden - 18th March 2015
  • Emma Cooper's blog - Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner - Your Help is Needed 
  • Fennel and Fern - Like a Child in a Sweet Shop - 25th March 2011
  • Fennel and Fern - Victoriana's End of Season Review - 13th September 2011
  • Garden ER - My Summer Fruit: Allotment ER Needed! - 26th August 2011
  • We Love This book - Writing Great Web Content (review of workshop at Cheltenham Literature Festival) - 12th October 2011
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