Going for Gold

The finalists limber up - following the preliminary round up at the plot

The Olympics may be nearing its final conclusion, but today I set off in my own quest for a gold medal. Following my raspberry entry at EmmaT's Emsworth Show, I decided to enter the one at my local garden centre today. I was up at the plot bright and early to pick my freshest, ripest, juiciest contenders along with some dew laden leaves with which to set them off.

It was the third show at Whitehall Garden Centre. Most of the classes are aimed at children and the it's meant to be fun. However, there were some serious looking contenders at set up time, their trolleys laden with produce, flowers and baking to set out in the show tent. Set up time was 10.30 am and we had to clear the area for judging by 10.45. Prize giving was at 4.45 pm, though the results were ready to view from midday.

I set my entry up in a similar fashion to my Emsworth entry and returned at 4.30 to see the verdict. It was good to see a nice red card for First Prize next to my entry!

The garden centre is run by 3 generations of the same family including Mrs Self, who at the ripe age of 100 handed out the prizes. Gold medals and garden gift vouchers were presented plus all entrants went home with a mug.

I thought I'd finish with a final image from the children's flower arrangement class. I feel JAS in particular will appreciate the inventive use of a cheese grater and crisp packet by the winning entrants.


  1. Such a wonderful event VP! I wish our nursery had something like this.

    The children's flower arrangement class yielded some delightful results. I love the choices of planters, especially the wellies.

    Your raspberries look absolutely delicious.

    God bless Mrs. Self!

  2. Congratulations - I hope you display your certificate with pride

  3. Well done and congratulations!
    I love raspberries, and as garden girl says they do look delicious. xx

  4. Congratulatios on your lovely looking rasps.

    Although your raspberries are far too gorgeous to be pureeing, the recipe for raspberry ripple cheesecake can be found here

  5. Garden Girl - hello! Perhaps you could show them my blog post and suggest they have one?

    PG - thank you! NAH's very proud too :)

    Flighty - thanks. They were - NAH and I shared them afterwards ;O

    HM - Yum. I think I'll make that for my BIL and family's visit this weekend :)

  6. Never mind JAmes A-S, I'm going to start doing arrangements with crisp packets and cheese graters, that will give my work the touch of modernity I've been looking for

  7. It's surprising what kids can teach us eh Emmat?


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