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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Wordless Wednesday: The Ideal Pit Stop for Travelling Gardeners?


  1. Helen - I've wanted to take this picture for ages, but we don't always stop at this particular services when travelling up north.

  2. Sort of beef it up while you're there and work it off when you get home?

  3. Hi Lucy - have a look at the name of the service station...

  4. I did - I had an image of digging with a trowel when you got home instead of a spade. Extra hard work to compensate for eating junk food.

  5. Aha :) No junk food for us - we were on a fast day. However, I will be wielding my trowel now it's stopped raining as there's bulbs to plant...

  6. I will never drive past again without thinking of gardening implements :-)

  7. There are hidden treasures to be found at these pit stops - puns aside. The other week I stopped at the Reading Welcome Break to walk the dog and found the mecca of blackberry bushes. (Well out of dog pee-on zone might I add.)

  8. Monica - what treasure! I hope you had time to pick some of them...


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