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A green bouquet

The Eryngium leapt over the central terrace wall into the lawn many moons ago. NAH's threat to 'mow the meadow'*, as he calls the wild and woolly lawn, prompted me to cut back the emerging flower heads to make his job a little easier.

Instead of composting them as I usually do, I decided they would make an interesting green bouquet for the house. It looks like they last quite well in the vase, a week at least.

Green allium seed heads made a long lasting bouquet in my Flowers for Mum project last year. It meant she had flowers (in the widest sense) in her room whilst I was on holiday. I'm definitely warming to the green bouquet concept.

I rather like the effect of these architectural stems (and one of the new filters on my editing software), what do you think?

* = of course if it was a real meadow, he could leave it until much later in the year 😉