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  • Email me at vegplotting at gmail dot com, or use the Contact Form at the foot of this page.
  • I'm also around on Twitter. @malvernmeet is my chatty twitterid, which I set up when I arranged the garden bloggers get together at Malvern a couple of years ago.
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  • You can find me on Instagram as @vegplotting, complete with new pictures and content
I particularly welcome your feedback if you've tried to leave a Comment or had another problem with my blog. I love solving these, but can only do so if you tell me about the difficulty you're having.

VP is for hire

I welcome enquiries regarding freelance and social media opportunities. Have a look at my Clips Page for examples and further information. I'm working with some great publications and companies already, but still have room for a couple more.

Work with a top UK gardening blog!
I accept advertising and sponsorship of my own original work from companies with a good fit with my content. Have a look at my Work With Me Page for more information.

I conduct honest reviews of those items I'm offered which I need for my gardening, or other day to day activities. NB I currently have a review backlog of around three months. Take the above link to my Work With Me Page for more information.


  • Do get in touch to discuss how we might work together e.g. sponsored content, advertising, honest reviews etc. Note, I do not accept written or infographic content as I have plenty of my own ideas to draw upon. 
  • The links I use are no follow - Veg Plotting is still a great blog to help you raise your company's profile.
  • I always disclose my links with companies (it's the law) and also follow the Blog With Integrity guidelines.
NB I do not accept guest posts from companies/authors I do not know. However, there may be scope to work together on a sponsored post where I provide the content and you provide the cash.

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