About Chippenham

How did I get here?

In March 1984 my husband (NAH) and I married and moved to south-west England from Newcastle. We'd been aiming for Dorset (where NAH's father came from), but fell a little short of the mark. 

Instead we found ourselves in Corsham, then Chippenham from 2008 onwards. I felt Chippenham wasn't our real home and alternated between hankering after a life in Dorset and feeling homesick for the north-east, even though Birmingham is where I was born.

In 2007 distance carer responsibilities began to hit hard and we considered moving closer to our relatives, but in the end decided Chippenham is really home after all. 

What's Chippenham like?

In the first half of 2011 I wrote a series of articles under the ABC Wednesday banner and they've helped me to at last take pride in where I live. As Chippenham is one of the central themes to this blog, it makes sense for it to have its own dedicated page.

'The arches'
You might like to read Where am I Veg Plotting? first, which gives a broader introduction to the area. 

Here are some external links - they open in a new window - you may find useful, particularly if you're thinking of visiting:

My ABC of Chippenham

A Chippenham gem, now gone

Other Key Posts 

You'll find all of these posts and more - including a wry look at advertising and public planting - under the Chippenham label. 

I also write quite a bit about Wiltshire, Chippenham's home county and you'll find these under the Wiltshire label.

Chippenham also features on my photography blog, Sign of the Times.

NB Google Chippenham and you'll soon see there's another Chippenham... in Cambridgeshire. I went for a wander around it in 2016 and found it's quite different to the Chippenham I call home.

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