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Friday, 29 April 2011

Chippenham's Royal Wedding

London isn't the only place for a royal wedding, oh no. In 853 Chippenham was the place to be when King Alfred's sister Aethelwithsa married Burgred, King of Mercia. Unlike today's royal event, which is modern and for love, Chippenham's royal wedding was a strategic alliance between 2 kingdoms.

The wedding didn't take place in the pictured St Andrews church as this is a much younger building dating from Norman times. However, it is believed this is the site of an older, wooden built Saxon church which would have housed the happy event.

Chippenham also has a more contemporary association with royal weddings too. When it was announced that Prince Charles would marry Camilla Parker-Bowles, she lived in nearby Reybridge. As Chippenham has the nearest registry office to there, it posted the official paperwork for the forthcoming nuptials. I was most amused to see that she is older than he, and his occupation listed as 'Prince of the United Kingdom'! 

Enjoy today's events (or just your day off) wherever you are :)


  1. I haven't watched the wedding yet, but I suppose I'll see it on TV sometime today--it's being covered by every American news channel all day:)

    I chuckled at your comment that St. Andrews church is a "younger" building--only from the Norman times! I love the rich history of the UK and Europe--here in the U.S. we think a building is old if it's been around for 100 years:)

  2. We had a great bike ride to Winsley and Avoncliff on our *NEW* tandem and have missed the whole thing - and just come back slightly squiffy from a party at which bunting was on display - lovely day!

  3. Rose - I chuckle when I'm in the States when looking at 'historical' buildings. Though of course we have plenty of buildings around 100 years old which are called historical too ;)

    Lu - sounds wonderful and... a TANDEM!?!!!!!


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