Testing Times

Here's some of the items I've been lucky enough to receive for testing this year. These all need a bit of time to evaluate, so this post forms a taster of things to come over the next few months in my regular review slot.

I'm nearing the end of my evaluation of Fiskars' secateurs and loppers, so you can expect my review shortly. The universal rake component of their interchangeable tools has been used up at the allotment lately, though as you can see, the hoe is yet to make itself felt up there.

I also have a new hosereel courtesy of Hozelock*. This is a most timely replacement as my current one developed into a porous pipe over the winter months. It just needs to be connected and we'll be evaluating away pretty soon :)

Inside the plastic bag is an innovative grow bag frame courtesy of Fuel my Blog and Crown. The past few years I've used pots for my tomato growing, so it'll be interesting to see how this fares in comparison.

The plant is a globe artichoke 'Imperial Star': the latest (and final) delivery I've had from Victoriana as part of their product evaluation I'm doing over at Fennel and Fern.

And whilst I've received lots of goodies to try, rest assured my reviews will be honest and let you know both the good and the bad where necessary.

* = warning: this link has noisy TV-style adverts on it, so best avoided if that kind of thing irritates you as much as it does me

Update: I've been in touch with Hozelock this morning, suggesting an off button for the advert sound and have had this response:

I have passed your audio comment on to Hozelock - but in their defence, the sound plays for only 10 seconds and then stops. And it isn't repeated on other pages.


  1. I've used those tomato grow bag frames for the last couple of years and think they are marvellous. I use the giant size grow bags on their sides and these frames work really well with them and are neat. I bought another two last year but they were actually quite difficult to get hold of although I have a feeling I saw them at Wisley shop as I need to buy a couple more. THey aren't cheap though so the initial investment is quite a lot.

    I'll be interested to know what you think of them.

  2. Oops - JD (above) is me! I didn't realise I was still logged in as JD..

  3. I also have a hose from those nice Hozelock people. I am feeling mildly guilty that it is still in its box.

    i hereby appoint you my official tester of all things hosey

  4. 10 seconds is still too long. Mute button rules ;~)

  5. JD/Arabella - I knew it was you! Will be reporting bacl later

    JAS - at least mine's out of its box, but I'm not that much further than you!

    EE - absolutely


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