OOTS: Almond Blossom with Bees

If the above YouTube video isn't working you can watch it here.

March 'roared out like a lion' so I'm really pleased I was able to capture the glorious almond blossom hanging over the pavement round the corner from our house before it was turned into confetti. The air was alive with the hum of honey and bumble bees all crowding in to drink their fill of the available nectar. I was happily just standing under there taking it all in when I realised I had my camera with me to capture it to share with you :)

It's also a great way to introduce this month's Out on the Streets, where I invite you to share the plants and flowers which can be seen publicly in your neighbourhood. I'm planning on telling you about the Green Flag scheme for our public parks and perhaps showing you a little of the public planting I found on College Green in Bristol last Saturday. You can choose to share whatever you like, as long as it's in the public domain.

If you'd like to join in but are unsure of what to contribute, you might like to look at the Out on the Streets and the Public Planting labels for inspiration. I'm particularly looking for good planting ideas whatever the season and/or planting using edibles. Those of you in the UK you might like to tell us how the spending cuts are affecting what the council is planning for your neighbourhood this year.

Mr Linky is set up below ready for your contributions. Do please remember to paste in the link to your specific post rather than your blog's URL, so we can still get to see your contribution after you've gone on to writing about other things :)

I'll also be using Mr Linky to post in any news items I find instead of my usual roundup post. I'm just about to start on my Census work, so I'll be pushed for time to write posts containing lots of links. I've found quite a few items to share with you the past couple of weeks, which are worth a look at.

So, see you soon, Out on the Streets!


  1. What a thoughtful blog accompanied by such a stunning picture. So much to take in from your postings...will need to re-visit and take notes. A massive enthusiast I detect. I will try to get on the case with out and about pics and encourage a very keen photographic friend...

  2. hey hi and thanks for linking me. I do hate to pester people about my blog but I wonder if you might be interested in this. I can see you take some loverly photos of the environment and as you like my blog know I am deeply concerned with what plastic rubbish is doing to damage it...well if you facebook ... you might want to look at http://www.facebook.com/planettrash
    my world wide collection of plastic pollution photos and anti plastic campaigners. And well done with the guardian round up thing xx pam

  3. I don't have a contribution to the OOTs but I do have a Census post.


    Hope the Census work is enjoyable. Is it analysing the answers or collecting from late returners?


  4. What a capture VP ~ bees, blossom and birdsong ~ beautiful. No why do I never have my camera with me at moments like that? :)

  5. Chris - welcome! I look forward to seeing what you and your friend come up with for OOTS. We haven't seen what the Isle of Wight has to offer :)

    Pam - thanks. Sadly I don't do facebook :(

    Esther - I'm collecting from late returners. I enjoyed your census post :)

    Anna - I try to have my camera with me most times. I didn't on this occasion, but could quickly get it as this is just round the corner from me. I've been meaning to show you this sight for a while!


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