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...if you would be happy all your life, plant a garden ~ Chinese proverb

My Garden and Allotment

Welcome to my garden and my essential tools for getting things done ;) Both my garden and allotment are on a limestone clay soil on the northern edge of Chippenham and my allotment is about a mile away as the crow flies from home. It looks like they're in the equivalent of Zone 8a, though my results are nothing like their American zonal equivalent. I explained why that might be here.

In 2008 I opened my garden and allotment over the internet to raise money for WaterAid and achieved an amazing total of £1,085. My Open Garden blog is still available, so it means you can can have a good rootle about at your leisure. I've made some minor changes since then (mainly plants) but that tour will give you a very good idea of what my garden and allotment are like. 

Also in 2008, I took photos of both my plots every fortnight, so you can see how they change over the seasons by having a look here.

Each year I draw up a yearly Plot Plan for my allotment - this is the one for 2013. You'll see I have quite a few ongoing projects and experiments.

I've also written some key posts about gardening, mainly in response to questions asked by my fellow bloggers. Why do I garden? was one and I've also pondered my Signature Plants, my Plant of the Centenaryplus whether my garden needs a Mission Statement. I've had two goes at putting together my list of Desert Island Plants - here and here. My First Plant describes the first plant I chose to grow, which also sowed the seeds for this very blog.

If you're looking for something specific, then do use the Search facility at the very top left of the page above the Veg Plotting banner. I'm also using various Labels within Blogger - located towards the bottom of the page - to categorise my posts, so you might also like to use those to find all my articles on a particular topic.

Other views of my garden or allotment:
Karen @ Artist's Garden - October 2010
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