Wordless Wednesday: Electric Chelsea


  1. Indeed no words are needed, this picture is speaking thousand words. BTW what is this cabbage like green flower on the left?

  2. Fantastic photo! Alex, those look to me to be different varieties of chrysanthemums.

  3. I was staggered! This is your garden? !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (This will teach me to read the post before its title!)

  4. MHM - thank you and yes you are indeed right. Alex should know better, seeing he or she is deliberately linking back to a landscaping company.

    Esther - sadly not and much kudos is due to the company managing to bring these chrysanths on to bloom so well outside of their flowering season :)

  5. Brilliant photo,A friend of mine has the green chrysanthemum along with a bright pink and orange.Her growing instructions told her it needs to be kept in the greenhouse,I took some cuttings,left them in the garden and they have stayed there and flowered for me every year.

  6. Flowerlady - thank you :) It's ages since I've grown Chrysanths - I wonder if I could make them last...


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