How Advertising Works in Chippenham #34

  1. Decide your local company needs to get out and about a bit more
  2. Take a pitch at Chippenham's Art in the Park event
  3. Set up your informative display
  4. Wait for a blogger with a camera to notice your product isn't quite needed on the day in question
  5. Et voila!
It was definitely ultra-warm in Monkton Park last Saturday; the hottest day of the year at that point!


  1. Great picture! I guess heating isn't what people are mostly thinking about these days...! But good to get out of the office I guess :-)

  2. That's right Helene ;) When I was little I can remember mum buying coal in the summer because there was a hefty discount - I wonder if this company is doing the same re its boilers?

  3. That's hilarious! Mind you, I just placed an order for oil to make sure the tank is full before the autumn while the prices are low, felt a little daft thinking about winter when it is sweltering, but I will feel smug come November!

    1. Hi Janet - yes that's a good reminder for everyone (who needs it) to get their oil order in now!

      I see the heat has reached North Wales too - Porthmadog was the UK's hottest place one day last week :)

    2. Good grief, that must be a first for Porthmadog!

    3. 31.4 last Friday, Janet. How different things are today!


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