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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

In Horatio's Garden

Horatio's Garden has just released a short film which explains what the garden is all about. It's beautiful and I guarantee you won't fail to be moved.

Horatio's Garden isn't just the wonderful garden in Salisbury any more. It's all about having similar gardens at every spinal unit in the country.

One down, eleven more to go...

 If the embedded film doesn't work, try this link instead.


  1. Replies
    1. I've watched it several times now Gwenfar and it gets me every time

  2. That is a really inspiring film, about a wonderful place. I love the ambition, to have a garden for every spinal injuries unit in the country. Love the design too, am lusting after that wonderful rusty plant support system! Wonder how difficult learning to weld would be...

    1. Janet, it started out with the idea of 1 garden in Horatio's name, but I 'm so glad it now has a much wider ambition. I'm proud to be involved albeit in a very small way.

  3. What a wonderful place, let's hope more follow their example.

    1. David Chapple's remark in the film re how hospitals used to have gardens was very interesting. I wonder how and why they were removed from the hospitals' landscape as they are so clearly linked with patient wellbeing and quicker recovery times.


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