Puzzle Corner: What's in a Name? Part 2

Here's part 2 of my Latin quiz, which covers the letters N to Z. Can you match the meanings with their correct Latin names? There are some culinary examples this time to sit alongside last week's floral and shrubby ones.

Latin Name Meaning
nemorosus with a distinct band of a different colour
officinalis from the Turkish for turban
pleniflorus common
quamash growing in woods
rigescens from Tokyo
sativus curly grape
Tulipa used in medicine
uva-crispa double flowers
vulgare with yellow fruit
wherryi rather stiff
xanthocarpus from the native American for sweet
yedoensis sown, planted, cultivated
zonalis named after an American scientist

Have fun and I'll publish the answers next week! If you'd also like to have a go with A to M and missed them previously, here's Part 1.

If you're looking for some more fun to help while away the winter blues, last year's Puzzle Corner strand included a wordsearch, a cryptic word grid and a garden scramble.


  1. Dear Veg plotting, I like your little quiz. I have some answers.... but it is difficult. Groetjes,


    1. I hope it hasn't put you off too much Hetty, I've learnt a lot putting this quiz together and I hope you will too

  2. Love it but my Latin is not good at all.
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