Tulip Time at West Green House Garden

A collage of the tulip display at West Green House Gardeb

I chose the best day to visit West Green House Garden last week - glorious sunshine, fresh green growth and the jewel-like tulips in the walled garden and potager was most uplifting.

Marylyn Abbott - the garden's lessee* - was my guide and it was great to have her insight into the garden's creation and what it was like when she arrived 10 years ago. It's unbelievable to think there was once a huge thickets of bramble where now there is beauty.

Hers is a constantly changing creation as she tries out new ideas and plants. There were hints of glories to come too - the mass planting of 'streams' of irises were just starting to pop and they must be a spectacular sight when in full bloom.

The moongate at West Green House Garden

I love moongates, so it was wonderful to peer through this one into the water garden and up to the Nymphaem. There's a quotation from Pope up there, which will sneak itself into Muse Day quite soon.

Here be dragons at West Green House

Here be dragons in the garden. There are all kinds of interesting and fun structures awaiting exploration in this and other parts of the garden.

This is a place which bears lots of repeat visits and I'm looking forward to showing you more soon.

West Green House Garden is open Wednesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 4.30pm from now until November 2015. Entrance is free to National Trust members, so don't forget to bring your membership card.

* = she has a 99-year lease from the National Trust


  1. A good post about an interesting looking garden. Flighty xx

  2. Must be a fabulous garden to visit VP. Look forward to hearing and seeing more. I wonder why it's a 99 year lease rather than 100 :)

    1. I think 99 is a standard lease time Anna. Any property experts out there to confirm?

  3. What a divine garden - oh to have the space for mass plantings. Beautifully designed - and I love the moongate.


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