GBBD: Separated at Birth?

A while ago I blogged about my mystery clematis and then its Case Solved, but I've never actually shown you the blooms at the centre of the mystery together. Both are looking especially lovely here at VP Gardens this year, so I couldn't resist making them the subject of this month's Blooms Day.

The mysterious clematis is the one on the right, sold to me as C. 'Crystal Fountain', which is actually the one on the left. You can easily see why I was puzzled, and also why my bloom with its mistaken identity still has the wow factor with anyone visiting the garden.

Several years after it appeared here, Raymond Evison launched my mysterious bloom as C. 'Diamantina' at Chelsea Flower Show. It's a sport of C. 'Crystal Fountain', so I really do have a case of Separated at Birth in my garden.

What delightful mysteries have you had to solve in your garden?

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.


  1. Oh I do love a bit of plant sleuthing. Well done on getting to the bottom of mystery Clematis' identity. The greatest mystery in my garden involves thousands of lost hours. Do you know where they've gone?
    Happy GBBD.

    1. I suspect they're within the beauty of your garden and the wildlife you encourage to share it with you Sarah :)

  2. Several years ago I bought four different varieties of clematis from a very good plant shop locally. Guess which four plants are all exactly the stinkin' same? I've had this happen a lot actually- peonies and iris to name a few. Very frustrating when you pay for variety and get all the same. Happy gardening!

    KK @

    1. Oh that's a shame - did you take them back?

  3. I have a ginger lily with no name but I dont love it any less!

    1. Ahh yes Jayne, I have a few no-name plants too. If they're good doers then they're most welcome in my garden :)

  4. I have a couple of no-name plants that were identified by readers of my blog. It is nice to have help from strangers to put a name on a plant.

    1. Good point Alain, though my blogfriends couldn't help with the ID for Diamantina as it hadn't officially been launched when I bought it. There's a really good plant ID group on Facebook too.


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