Weekend Wandering: Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Garden

View from the top terrace at Wyndcliffe Court Sculpture Garden
View from our table on the terrace overlooking the garden
There's just over a week left to visit Wyndcliffe Court before it closes to the public for good and I'm pleased NAH and I took some much needed time out to hop over the Severn Bridge to see it earlier this week. I find a trip over water - no matter how brief - always feels like a holiday, especially as we went 'abroad' into Wales this time.

We arrived just as a group of artists were finishing their morning of sketching and painting, and we enjoyed our view of one of them beavering away whilst we relaxed over our lunch.

The sunken garden and summerhouse at Wyndcliffe Court

Much of the summer floral colour had finished and autumn was just beginning to show its hand, but Wyndcliffe Court is an Arts and Crafts house and garden, with plenty of structure and garden rooms to provide lots of interest for our visit. This is the sunken garden and summerhouse.

Sculpture views
The material and placement of this sculpture reminded me of a similar scene at Special Plants

The garden lived up to its name with plenty of sculpture to admire. I was particularly taken with this one, which provided a viewpoint from a number of vantage points. NAH being the engineer and former welding student he is, was more concerned with the quality of the steel's cut surface. 'It's not finished', was his remark. I liked the added texture, but my comment fell on deaf ears.

Garden and sculpture views at Wyndcliffe Court

Here are some more scenes and vignettes which caught my eye. There's a woodland and wilderness area to explore too, with superb views over the Severn Estuary and both Severn Bridges. The early mist cleared just enough for us to enjoy them, but alas not for my camera.

A beautiful wall colonised by nature

I was especially pleased to find this wall with my Great Green Wall Hunt in mind. With simply an old wall plus moss, ferns and self-sown foxgloves, nature proves it's equal to the task of providing something which fits well with its surroundings.

Fern sculpture

I fell in love with this fern and now regret I didn't buy it. One of my observations from Garden Bloggers Fling visits is our US cousins are much better at marrying art with their gardens. Wyndcliffe Court proves it can be done well in the UK too.

The garden is open Wednesday through Sunday, from 11am to 6pm until September 25th. It's a last chance to see - do catch it if you can.


  1. Very interesting! Love the wall!
    Have a great week-end!

  2. Such a beautiful place and unfortunate that the two artists couldn't come to any sort of agreement, thus forcing them to close it after just 4 years. It looks like such a lovely place of reprieve and glad you were able to enjoy it before they permanently close it. xx

    1. Judging by what I've seen on Twitter Alexandra, it looks like there will be something elsewhere near Raglan. Whether it also involves a sculpture garden remains to be seen...

  3. What a glorious place. Such a shame it's closing. I won't be able to get there before the last day, so thanks for sharing your photos of your visit. I really love that fern too.

    1. Thanks Karen. I'm hoping the fern might find its way here...

  4. Many thanks for this post. I read it, decided Wyndcliffe Court sounded like a lovely place to visit, so dragged my parents and sister off for a day out. We had a great time, loved the sculptures (I also loved the ferns, but decided you'd need a few to look great which was definitely out of my price range!), and had a really nice lunch. Many thanks for the recommendation - so sad they're closed now!

    1. Oh that's wonderful, thanks for telling me. It's great when a post inspires others like your self :)

  5. Hi, I stumbled across your blog and saw my fern frond. I'm still making them if you would like one. willaashworth.co.uk


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