A clean break

Extending my plastered arm out to the garden currently beyond my reach

Sometimes fate conspires to take us in an unexpected direction, just like it has with my quest for fitness this year. In the last five minutes of a 5 week trial of walking netball, my feet got carried away in chasing after a ball. I eventually crashed into a cupboard then onto the concrete floor. Ouch.

I've got off relatively lightly. My pride at playing a better and swifter game suddenly came crashing down, which is a good lesson to learn. The more obvious results are a goth-like face without the need for make-up, minor concussion, bruised knees and a fractured wrist. 10 days later, yesterday at last brought good news... the bone has stayed in place without pinning, so I can look forward to 5 more weeks in a plaster cast. No driving in that time and no return to netball for around 3 months.

As is my usual wont, I'm concentrating on what I can do rather than what I can't. However, I'm also having to face up to reality. What I need to do in the garden is out of the question, which also means my allotment is at risk as I'd promised to get it up to scratch by the end of this month.

It also means no blogging for a while. Writing this post is proving painful, so I'll be taking a break for a few weeks. A clean break, just like the one in my arm.


  1. Bad luck Michelle - I will miss you while you are away.

  2. My sympathies. I guess that you'll be doing plenty of armchair gardening. Take care. xx

  3. Take care and get well soon. Have you tried a speech recognition app?

  4. That is painful to read, especially about your face and head. Hope the time passes quickly till you are well again.

  5. Ouch! You have all my sympathy and hope you heal quickly. I broke a finger on my left hand last summer and was amazed at all the things that were suddenly really difficult to do. Get well soon.

  6. Oh poor you! Not being able to blog or drive will be a nightmare for you! Will you be coming to London on the 28th though?

  7. Oh Michelle, what a pair we are! I slipped on the wet grass in the garden just over two weeks ago and fractured my right ankle. I'm on crutches and it could be two to three months before I'm back to normal. It's rest and exercises at the moment. My gardening activities have come to a standstill. It's so annoying when you're used to being active. Take care and let's hope we're both back in the garden again soon. xx

    1. Oh dear, oh dear. You have my sympathy and wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope your allotment committee is lenient with you - at Pudding Mill we generally make allowances for mitigating circumstances like this. It would be a shame to lose your plot, no?

  8. I am sorry to read that Michelle. It is no real compensation but you will have to spend time reading blogs instead of writing one.

  9. Oh how ironic that this happens when the object of the exercise was to improve your fitness. As well as being painful it must be so frustrating when something like that happens. My sister severed a tendon in her thumb in mid December and has been down a similar journey - plaster cast, no driving etc. She has been sending me regular 'thumbsies'. I suppose perhaps it's a chance to catch up with all those unread gardening magazines and books that you want to read. As far as the allotment goes have you been in touch with the council or whoever to explain your situation? I would hope that they would be sympathetic. Ours is. Take care xxx

  10. Sorry to read this, VP - hope you heal quickly and that you don't have to give up the allotment.

  11. Thanks for your good wishes everyone. Recovery so far is going as well as can be expected. The key date is March 21st when the cast is due to come off, so keep your fingers crossed! Margaret, so sorry to hear of your woes and I hope that recovery is going well for you as well. Bridget, I hope to go to the GPE onWednesday, though it's looking a bit weather dependent at the moment.
    Brian, I usually read a lot of blogs - as soon as I can sit comfortably at my laptop for more than 20 minutes I shall be reading them again :)

  12. Just popping in to say I hope you got home in one piece on Wednesday! So good to see you, hope you had a really worthwhile (if cold!) day. Take care xx

  13. I too was sorry to hear this, Michelle. You've not got long to go now to get your cast off, fingers crossed all well beneath and you can return to the activities you enjoy again soon :-) Best wishes xo

  14. How rubbish, wishing you a speedy recovery (and the discovery of new gardening texts in the interim? Planning might slake your thirst for horticulture?)

  15. Oh no! That's awful! Hope it all gets better more rapidly than at present seems possible. Hadn't thought of netball as a dangerous sport before. You weren't playing on ice?

  16. Thanks for your further good wishes everyone, and welcome to Veg Plotting Catherine! The good news is I'm now out of plaster, though it's going to be some time before the heavier side of gardening will be possible. Looking forward to light gardening activities resuming this week :)


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