Fresh flowers for the New Year

Now renamed to Salvia rosmarinus

It's always good to get out in the garden (rain permitting!) in the darkest days of winter and take my annual flower count. The blooms may be smaller, but they're a welcome sight and there's always a few surprises.

This year's count stands at 12: not my best result, but there were signs of plenty more waiting in the wings. This year we have:
Other hellebores, winter honeysuckle and daffodils are in bud; there are some tulip leaves, but no sign of the crocuses.

A Happy New Year to you - what's flowering in your garden?


  1. Wow! I'm impressed with all the blooms you have. It's pretty quiet on the bloom front here. Some rogue creeping phlox is blooming out of season and the gaillardia are still blooming. I'll need to check the hellebore to see if they're about to blooms. Shouldn't be too long. Happy New Year!

    1. And to you Karin! Looking forward to seeing you at this year's Fling :)

  2. I'm surprised to see the perennial cornflower on the list. All I've got on the plot are some primroses and a couple of crocuses trying to bloom. xx

    1. They were a surprise for me too Flighty, along with the strawberries! Both are by sheltered south facing walls which could be why they've kept in bloom, though I'm surprised light levels aren't too dim for them. There's always a surprise to be found in gardening :)

  3. Lovely to see I'm not the only one wandering around the garden in search of life at this time of year :) I confess I've not been doing my garden justice but crocuses and hellebores my end.

    1. And I bet they're most welcome Terry :)


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