Unusual Front Gardens #32: Unexpected item in the parking area

Hovercraft on the front drive

This is a new addition to one of the local routes I walk on a regular basis. There are more questions than its presence answers... if it ever gets used I think we'll know about it!

Update: I bumped into the owner on my walk the other day, a quite young chap who was loading it onto a trailer. He admitted it was 'a random purchase' made under lockdown as a project for him to get it into working order again. He was taking it to a friend's field to test it out, after all as he said, 'I'm not taking it onto the water until I know it doesn't leak'. Then it's off to winter storage, so this particular walk is set to look more normal again.

Just replacing the skirt cost him £1,000 and by a strange coincidence one of my friends told me her dad used to make them when he worked for Avon tyres in Melksham. 

What discoveries have you made out walking this year?


  1. I imagine that nobody could pass by that without pausing in their steps VP. It will certainly be noisy when it takes off!

  2. Loved that. We used to have these at my secondary school - sort of thing the tech department would build - gosh that was years ago...


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