GBMD: Miriam Rothschild

Sunlight through Clematis seedhead - late November 2011

I must say, I find everything interesting

Miriam Rothschild (1908-2005)

A quotation found via Transatlantic Gardener which could be a strapline for me and this blog :)


  1. I said "wow" out loud when I saw that photo. It is lovely!

  2. Esther and TCG - I definitely think this sums up both of you as well :)

    Lu and Leslie - thank you. I said wow when I saw it in my garden last weekend too. It's the seedhead of Clematis 'Diamantina' as lovely in flower as it is as a seedhead :)

  3. Enjoyed both quote and photo. Dame Miriam Rosthchild was a most interesting woman too - did not realise it at the time but she lived not far from my childhood home. Have a look at online obituaries if you get a chance - she was an amazing character.

  4. So True! I enjoyed the link and did not know her interest and discoveries with the jumping mechanisms of fleas! Very interesting and great woman. It would seem that keeping a mind active and interested in everything may aid longevity. Lovely photo . . . there is much interest there. ;>)

  5. A wonderful way to live! gail

  6. Anna - I had a look when I was researching her after finding her quote. She was an amazing lady!

    Carol - welcome! There's a role model for us all :)

    Gail - absolutely. I used to get worried I'd get stuck in a rut. I've now realised I'm too interested in many things for that to happen :)

  7. I agree, wholeheartedly, VP.

    Thanks for the congratulations on NaBloPoMo. BTW, you might be interested (or dismayed*) to know that he trees profiled in Seeing Trees are very basic -- American Beech (which "works" in the same way as European...), American Sycamore (think "London plane tree"), Black Walnut, Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus), Ginkgo, Red Maple (Acer), Magnolia, Liriodendron, White Oak, White Pine. I suspect you wouldn't have to go to an arboretum to see any of these.

    (*Which might mean you'd have to have it.)

  8. Helen - it looks like I have to have it then :)

  9. Lovely photo, VP.
    And thanks for reminding me of Dame Miriam Rothschild. One of my zooleogy lecturers had done some work wiith her on fleas, and used to tell us about her - a fascinating woman.

  10. HM - that must have been fascinating! The best we had was our entomology lecturer - he was the nation's expert on slugs :/


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