Trendwatch 2012: Honey I...

Pretty much everything's been said already about the Garden Media Guild Awards last Wednesday, so instead I've trawled through the new products catalogue in my goody bag for what might be hitting the shops next year. The main trend I spotted was everything's getting smaller, so with a nod to a certain film, here's several ideas to look out for...

Honey I Shrunk the Compost - several companies are taking pity on us (and their lorry loads) and drastically reducing the weight of their compost. I hope they work better than the similar peat based equivalent did a few years ago. I wonder how well this version will rewet and swell up to the proper size.

Honey I Shrunk the Gardening Space - in recognition that over 70% of us have much smaller gardens nowadays and use various pots and windowboxes instead, there's a special rebranded seed range designed to fill them.

Honey I Shrunk the Gardening - everything's happening at the root zone level and with mycorrhizal funghi. From just one commonly available product (since 2000), the choice is due to er, mushroom next year. Just make sure the pictured jar* isn't mistaken for coffee...

Honey I Shrunk the Gardener - there's the usual mini tools, bright seed packets et al. aimed at kiddiwinks (as well as Dawn's lovely new book which I've sneakily peeked at). Personally I'm going to swipe the Grow Your Own Ladybirds kit for myself because it was a business idea I had [sadly unconsumated - Ed] when I left uni decades ago.

Have you spotted any gardening trends this year - miniaturised or otherwise?

* = Disclosure - Toby Buckland sent me a free sample of his planting powder (also note the pictured QR code usage) after putting a shout out on Twitter recently. He was also very cheerful company on the Tube on the way home last Wednesday :)


  1. Coincidentally, VP, I posted yesterday on miniature gardens -- a garden trend I've noticed in North America. Like bonsai meets dollhouse.

  2. Hi Helen - what a hoot we're on the same wavelength ;)

  3. I am a big fan of mycorrhizal funghi - I first started using it with roses and now use it when planting lots of shrubs - there are some that you shouldn't use it with. Nice that Toby sent you some of his.

  4. Karen - it was you who first alerted me to it when you visited last year :)

    Which shrubs shouldn't you use it with?


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