Salad Days: A Winter's Airing

As a first time winter salad grower, I'm learning not only is good protection needed, a good airing of everything from time to time is also a wise move. I'd spotted a touch of mould on the compost under the coldframes, so I decided to give everything a good airing last Friday to prevent further problems. It was a lovely dry, mild day amongst all the rainy ones we've had recently and it perked my salad up no end.

As you can see, the potted lettuce 'Amaze' is coming along rather well under its cloche on the patio. A picking from a couple of these, plus some mustard, mizuna, fennel, chervil and pea shoots gave us a fine Christmas salad. Indoor sowings start in earnest in the New Year to supplement my under cover crops.

NB I'm continuing with the 52 Week Salad Challenge into next year. Whilst I've managed to grow and blog something 'salady' for every week in 2012, it wasn't until March that I managed to grow a complete serving of salad for NAH and me. Therefore, I don't think my year of growing is complete yet and I have quite a few posts to spare. Regular and new Salad Challengers are welcome to join me for 2013 :)

How's your salad coming along? Let me know in the comments or add your blog post link to Mr Linky below. Happy New Year everyone and here's to lots of salad growing in 2013!


  1. Hi VG, different weather conditions seem to require new ideas,growing salad greens now in summer (this year its a hot one) I've had to make covers for the salad greens as they would just burn to a crisp. Good luck with your winter crops,are you finding seeds germinating ok?

    1. Woops sorry I meant to write VP.....

    2. Hi Andrea - VG is most acceptable as it's short for very good ;) Seeds are germinating well, thanks!

  2. brill post due to moving I got to restart but my parsley is going fine

  3. Glad to read that the Salad Challenge is continuing. Maybe I will get my act together in 2013. The lettuce leaves are a brilliant colour. When did you sow them?

  4. I will join in on the 7th as that is the first Monday and in time for my journal post....

  5. I have a new batch propogating on my windowsill! I'll blog its progress soon and add my link :)

  6. Glad to read the Salad Challenge is continuing! Your Amaze looks amazing. The seed catalogues are now arriving, so am thinking..what new this year!! More purples and reds perhaps as I firmly feel the bugs don't bother them as much as green edibles. How about you? Have you seen a difference?

  7. Happy New Year Michelle. Much good blogging and singing and jam making I hope.


  8. Linda - had a garden inspection yesterday and discovered I could have had some parsley too!

    Anna - August, I think. Note to self: must keep up the sowing diary for 2013. I do hope you'll join in for 2013 :)

    Donna - I'll look out for your post :)

    digtheoutside - that'll be great! Looking forward to coming over to see it :)

    Bren - we definitely found a difference in slug damage between most green and red lettuces. They definitely prefer the green ones!

    Mark - Happy New year to you - hope you're around when I visit the office next week!

  9. Oh good, so glad I get a second chance to join in - though I plan to grow some of my winter salad in the conservatory, bending over to pick rocket in the rain leads to unpleasant damp patches on the back, very off-putting!!

  10. Janet - your conservatory sounds the ideal spot, great to have you aboard!


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