A Bloggers' Day at Great Dixter

Just a quick extra post to thank Naomi for getting us all together for a superb and inspirational day at Great Dixter yesterday. Here we all are during our tour of the garden and taking lots of notes as Deputy Head Gardener Siew Lee shows us around.

I'll be writing a more personal response about the day soon and I've lots of other snippets for Against the Odds, Breaking the Rules (and Friday Bench over at Sign of the Times) to feature over the coming weeks.

I'll be using this post to round-up the posts from the rest of the gang about the day as and when they appear. We had the privilege of being there when the garden was closed to the public, but you can go there from tomorrow :)
So there you have it. The same visit, yet lots of completely different perspectives on the day. However, I can relate to absolutely everything my fellow bloggers have said :)


  1. Wasn't it a great day! So lovely to meet you (and the others!), really enjoyed our conversations throughout the day. Feeling so inspired today by all I saw and heard... and trying to sift through copious photos and notes from the day! I'll definitely be going back throughout the year - inspired by Fergus' talk and slides, I want to see the garden in full flourish!!
    Caro xx

  2. HI Caro - lovely to meet you too :) The only downside was there wasn't enough time! Great Dixter was everything I expected it to be and more. I'm dying to go back again - I just need it to be a little closer to home. I've told NAH the area is an ideal place for a holiday... ;)

    1. Absolutely! With Sissinghurst, Perch Hill Farm and Derek Jarman's beach garden at Dungeness all within easy reach, I'd say it was a blissful venue for hols. I admit I was on the alert for nice looking B&B's on the drive home!
      Btw, love your boots photo! I'm going to have to pop that on my Pinterest page, if you don't mind? Where WAS that taken? Porch? Cxx

  3. Hi VP, enjoyed meeting you and everyone else. Like everyone else we took so many photos to now sort through. Fergus was a fantastic speaker, and to get such an interesting behind the scenes view from the other members of the team was great. Hopefully Mark and I will get along again later in the year to see the garden in full swing in the summer.

  4. Gaz - it's the second time I've heard Fergus speak - inspirational each time.

  5. Thank you for doing this round-up, Michelle. I've added a link at the bottom of my post to send people here. Lovely to see you and so nice to have some leisure to chat on the day. Thoroughly enjoyable, and great to put faces to the names I hadn't met before.

  6. Hello VP! It was great meeting you in person! Plus everyone else too, of course. I'm going through all my photos now, haven't been able to stop thinking or talking about Great Dixter since!! : )

  7. Great round up, Michelle - all the blogs in one handy place! I look forward to seeing Part II...

  8. Helen - thank you :) Always great to meet fellow bloggers!

    Anna B - it was lovely to meet you. So glad you found the trip down from Leeds worthwhile :)

    Veronica - I'm looking forward to your Part II as well. Mine's scheduled for tomorrow...

  9. What great day! now feel guilty for not blogging about this yet!

  10. Colin - lovely to meet you. Don't feel guilty - take your own time :)

    Karen - you would have loved it - interesting what they do at the nursery too.


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