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Today's Shows of Hands is particularly special because it was sent to me by Olivia Chapple from Horatio's Garden. She explains in her email:

"I have attached a picture of our hand oak motif carved into a bench by Titus – Horatio's brother. The symbol represents the bringing together of nature and kindness which is the ethos of Horatio’s Garden."

Regular readers will have spotted that I managed to include Cleve West - the garden's designer - in last week's special from Chelsea Flower Show.

For those of you who are reading about Horatio's Garden for the first time, I'm delighted to link to their introductory video again:

Horatio's Garden from Horatio's Garden on Vimeo.

If the embedded video doesn't work, try this link instead.

If you're around Salisbury at the end of next month, you might like to attend their summer drinks party on Friday 27th June in the evening, or their 2nd Food and Plants Fair on Sunday 29th June, 11am to 3pm (there's free entry to the latter event). For further details, check out the What's On section of the Horatio's Garden website.

Thanks Olivia for a simple, beautiful photo :)


  1. I needed to be pointed to the hand in the oak leaf - but now I see it, it's beautiful.

    1. Hi Esther - Olivia got very excited when she heard about Shows of Hands because the garden's symbol was already there. It's such a simple premise which sums up the garden so well. I'm honoured to have this photo for my project :)


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