Puzzle Corner: Shows of Hands Special

Thanks to everyone who's contributed to Shows of Hands so far - plenty's been happening via blogs, Twitter and email :)

Naturally quite a few of the pictures submitted involve plants, so I've put some of them into a fun picture ID Puzzle Corner special.

There's just 5 plants and flowers for you to name. For pictures 1 to 4, I'd like the latin name please and there's a bonus point for each of the cultivar* names for pictures 2-4. Picture 5 is a pesky usurper weed amongst the lavender, so there's a point for its common name and a bonus 2 points for the latin.

That makes a maximum 10 points available and I'll put up a link to the answers at the end of the week.

* = I've checked the RHS Plant Finder and it looks like they are all cultivars (propagated by cuttings rather than seed) as this part of their names is in quotes and isn't italicised (this article nicely summarises the nomenclature and cultivation differences).

My thanks to @AlanEDown, @BristolGardens and @Willis_Abigail for their tweets and Barbara Segall for her picture via email.

Want to join in with Shows of Hands? My launch post tells you what it's all about and how you can submit your blog post, tweet, facebook or email images.


  1. What does it say about my garden that the only one I can identify more precisely than the genus is the weed?

    1. I was the same Rachel, that's why I thought it would be fun to put a quiz together. The answers are set up for Friday, along with another picture I've been sent by email :)

  2. I'm having internet problems - can't even see the photo! I'll check back when I've got it sorted. Hope you've had a good bank holiday weekend VP.

    1. That's a shame CJ :( I hope you're back online soon...


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