Postcard from Shropshire

We've just got back from a quiet week away in Shropshire, a place where time seems to have stood still for a while. This wasn't always the case as the county hosted landmark events during the Industrial Revolution. Here's a view of the world's first iron bridge as evidence.

Our whole week was steeped in heritage. It started with visits to the excellent Heritage Open Day activities in Bishop's Castle (where we were staying) and Ellesmere Wharf. We also learned how the Victorians farmed at Acton Scott and contrasted it with the town life of that time at Blist's Hill, part of the Ironbridge museum complex.

Our explorations also extended into the natural world. We visited Long Mynd, a long hill which is one of the oldest places in Britain as it is comprised of Pre-Cambrian rock i.e. rock with a minimum age of 541 million years. You can't get any more ancient than that.


  1. Shropshire is just down the road from us VP and as you suggest life seems to move at more gentle pace. Have never visited Bishop's Castle but friend has recommended its public houses :)

    1. I can recommend them too Anna - and its 2 breweries :)


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