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I came across the Love the Plot You've Got initiative at the Edible Garden Show*  earlier this year. It's designed to inspire gardeners to make the most of their plot, no matter the size and vertical gardening is just one way to get more out of the tiniest of spaces.

It reminded me I'd failed to use the funky herb planter I bought last year and with the demise of the Clematis montana var. Rubens 'Elizabeth' which clothed the 'boring fence project', I decided it was time to put it to good use.  I also came home with three herbs plants from the show, so I already had everything I needed to put my small project into effect.

The pockets are fairly small, so I've used three herbs which hail from warmer climes (oregano, thyme and prostrate rosemary) which should stand up to the harsh treatment I tend to give my potted plants. I've also 'planted' a pierced yoghurt pot in the soil next to each plant, which should help with keeping them well watered. The felt-like pockets are lined with a waterproof material, with no drainage holes, so this should also be borne in mind.

Each pocket is joined to the others by a couple of hooks. These can be a bit fiddly to use, and luckily the spot I'd chosen to hang them was over some relatively thin trellis which was slim enough to accommodate the top hooks. Heavier plants will need a more robust hanging spot than mine and anything thicker will need a wider hook or something added to the top.

Overall, I'm pleased with the result, which I've hung above some self-sown lemon balm to make a cheerful herbal spot in the garden. At the end of the season I expect I'll find these plants a more permanent home, especially the prostrate rosemary, which I've allowed to grow to a huge dominant shrub in the past.

Next year, I expect I'll use my planter for some trailing nasturtiums, or as a salad bar. Time will tell whether it continues to look as good as it does now. For instance I had to be quite careful not to get any compost over all that funky red and who knows whether it'll fade over time.

What ways have you used to get the most out of your plot, or do you have a particular project you've embarked on this year?

* = which I'm pleased to see returns to Stoneleigh next year, after its 2-year foray into Ally Pally.

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This post is sponsored by Whitehall Garden Centre in lieu of their regular Plant Profiles spot. The Love the Plot You've Got roadshow comes to their Lacock store from 26th to 28th June. It goes on to visit Stratford on Avon, Cheshire and Aberdeen afterwards.

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  1. I was just thinking yesterday how I never give any plants away, I always try and squeeze them in somewhere at the allotment. And I snap up other people's freebies as well. I like to use every square inch! Love the hanging pockets, a great idea especially where space is limited.

  2. I can't resist more plants too CJ!

  3. I've seen the Love The Plot You've Got displays (and roadshow) and the displays are great. I really like the red hanging pockets, a fab colour to brighten the garden.


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