GBBD: Sultry

Monarda 'Gardenview Scarlet'

Victoria once remarked my garden is very purple. Today's view is quite different. This is Monarda 'Fireball', which is a more mildew resistant form of  bergamot from what I've seen so far. I particularly like how its blooms add a fiery air to the garden, especially at dusk. I planted 3 9cm pots last year which have grown to form a satisfyingly large clump this summer. Bees love it and a brush past the foliage releases a wonderful scent. It's definitely one of my summer favourites.

However, if you stay on the spot, then look in the opposite direction and take another photograph...

Clematis obelisks and Elsa Spath taking a wander around the garden

... you'll see Victoria was right. My garden's going through its switch from its spring purple garments to a sultry summer clothing of reds shot through with some yellow. I gave my clematis obelisks a severe haircut in February and they've rewarded me with oodles of blooms. I must have missed some of the shoots though, as C 'Elsa Spath' has decided to have a wander around the terrace beds.

Then a couple of days ago I found another wanderer. The Knautia 'Red Ensign'* which waved so prettily at the base of last year's planting has now decided to grow tall and poke its blooms out amongst the bergamot.

I love these kinds of gardening accident, don't you?

Garden Bloggers Blooms Day is hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens.

* = the popular purchase at the at West Kington Nurseries' plant sale in early July, judging by its presence on nearly every wheelbarrow trundling past me. I went for some sultry dark-leaved dahlias instead. More on them another time.


  1. Your clematis is beautiful, even though it has gone for a wander, mine do to! You have made me think I ought to have a Monada or two in the garden here, I must go look for one!

    1. Look out for mildew resistant ones like this one Pauline

  2. We have Firebsll,which was new this year do I am pleased to hear your confirmation about mildew resistance

    1. Look forward to comparing notes, Sue. It was looking a bit sorry for itself, but last weekend's rain has perked it up no end.

  3. I love the color of your Monarda! I have a lot of purple in my garden, too. Surprisingly, I think purple goes with everything, more so than any other color. Red and purple is an especially stunning combination as your garden illustrates.

    1. Thanks Rose... I need to ponder your thoughts re purple going with everything... white, yes; red, yes; green, yes; yellow, yes...

  4. Love the red and the purple, too!


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