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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

GBMD: There is a Garden

Stonework and tile details from the Turkish Paradise Garden at RHS Hampton Court 2015

Stonework, tile and planting detail from the Turkish Paradise Garden I also featured yesterday. I was trying to recall Thomas Campion's poem when I saw the garden. Thank goodness for the power of Google when I got home, so I could feature it on this month's Muse Day :)

Planting detail from the Turkish Paradise Garden at RHS Hampton Court 2015


  1. I found you via greentapestry, interesting to read your quick blog guide, it is a useful guide to both us relativity new bloggers and blog readers. We lived for many happy years at Great Somerford when Chippenham was a lovely market town.

    1. Hi Brian - welcome to Veg Plotting and thanks to my blogging buddy Anna for tempting you over! Thanks for your lovely feedback - it's good to know the guide's useful :)

  2. Oh to to be a face that inspired such words! It's good to see some close up detail of the 'Turkish Paradise Garden' and to see that Brian has found his way here.

  3. Thanks for helping him find his way over here Anna :)


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