Seasonal Recipe: Parsnip Winter Cake

Parsnip Winter Cake recipe and growing information
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This may seem a strange choice to feature now we're officially in spring, but Parsnip Winter Cake proved a great way to finish off my parsnips last week AND serve as a great reminder to start sowing this season's crop.

I also remember Happy Mouffetard's struggles to find a decent tasting parsnip cake, so it was time to see for myself...

A slice of parsnip winter cake

... and here's the result. A yummy fruit cake with not a hint of parsnip, independently verified by NAH as 'delicious, can I have some more please'. Then I told him about the hidden ingredient and he still demanded more.

Anyone trying to increase the vegetable intake of  their loved ones take note.

The recipe worked exactly as written, even down to the timings in my fan assisted oven. The only change I made to Holly Farrell's recipe was to omit the 2 tablespoons of honey poured over the top. I figured the cake would be sweet enough already and NAH agreed.

Grow Your Own Cake book cover
Grow Your Own Cake is a match made in heaven for gardeners, particularly those who took part in my Bloggers' Cut Chelsea Fringe event a couple of years ago. We conclusively proved cake is what makes the gardening world go round.

How clever of Holly to put the two together in her fine book. I'd say the grow your own part is more for beginner gardeners, designed to encourage them to start, and with the dangling carrot ('scuse pun) of some delicious baked goods to try with the fruits of their labours.

The basics are covered well for the baking part too, with lots of clear photographs to show the techniques involved and recipes which vary from simple through to impressive.

There's a great range of recipes to try arranged by the season, plus ideas for afternoon tea, puddings and some savoury bakes.

Those with allergies or intolerances aren't forgotten, with safe recipes highlighted, or suggested adaptations to make them so.

There's just one niggle on my part, not all the bakes are pictured. I've made a start on that deficiency with my Parsnip Winter Cake :)

Grow Your Own Cake contents list
Now, which one shall I try next...?

Recipe from: Grow Your Own Cake: Recipes From Plot to Plate by Holly Farrell, photographs by Jason Ingram. Published by Frances Lincoln (£16.99).

You may also like to try my Spicy Parsnip Soup.


  1. I do love a vegetable cake (my current fave is a beetroot chocolate cake!) so I will try this recipe - sounds and looks delicious!

    1. Let me know how you get on Jules! Now beetroot there's a thought... NAH hates it, I wonder if he'll notice it in a cake? ;)

  2. This sounds utterly delicious, I love finding a great veggie cake recipe but usually my family needs convincing to try it! I need that book immediately, sounds fantastic! Katie X

    1. It's a really good book Katie - note I didn't tell NAH about the secret ingredient until after he'd had some cake and pronounced it delicious ;)

  3. now this sounds very tempting, thank you! will remember for next year.... sadly a day too late for this year as we finished our last parsnips for Sunday lunch yesterday. I had been looking at the BBC Good Food parsnip and maple syrup cake but was flattened by inertia at the thought of getting hold of mascarpone here in the sticks. The ground almonds would be good in this, I think.

    1. The ground almonds were fabulous - I'm a huge fan of them in cake :) Welcome to Veg Plotting :)

  4. I absolutely love parsnips – tossed in honey and baked in the oven - Yum! I can imagine the cake tasting wonderful :-)

    1. Roast parsnips are one of our favourites too - ours are quite often well frosted, so are pretty sweet already.

  5. I'm not sure if i will ever have parsnips left over to use in cake, I love them roasted or in spicy soup to much, but it does look good...

    1. It was worth the sacrifice from our soup/roasted regular fare Janet :)


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