Garden Bloggers' Muse Day: Sorry you missed it

I found Barbara's cheeky and gigglesome sign* on the way into her garden when I visited her recently. It got me thinking: how often do we beat ourselves up publicly re the state of our gardens when someone visits?

I've resolved it shall be no more as far as VP Gardens goes. From henceforth all compliments will be received gracefully. I'm the most critical person when it comes to my garden, so I'll endeavour to find at least one good thing about it, whenever the critical demons come to call. After all, the good points need to be noted as well as the bad, in the pursuit of a better garden.

This philosophy chimes well with the #mygardenrightnow project which is designed to be simple to do and show gardens as they are; showpiece or not. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's posts this weekend.

* = it looked fine to me, despite the biblical amount of rain we experienced that week.


  1. Our eyes and minds are always drawn to the negative aren't they?

    1. They certainly are Sue. Even worse when you've worked in IT - that constant search to do things better or to fault fix. I must keep the Chinese proverb in mind:

      When things go well, look up the mountain to see how far you have to go,
      When things go badly, look down the mountain to see how far you've come

  2. I am a very positive person, so I find it easy to see the beauty (and overlook all the stuff that still needs to be done!)
    Have a great day!

    1. I need to learn from you Lea :) Have a great weekend!

  3. I think the beauty sometimes gets missed if the eye is too critical, so it sounds like a sensible way forward to me. There are always bits (sometimes lots) of the garden which frustrate me, but also lots to love too ��

  4. I love the 'state' of my garden whenever I go out there...there is always something new to look at and appreciate. Although I did not like the fact that all the rain has toppled my broad beans....all broken and forlorn.
    Thank you for linking to #MyGloriousGardens this month. Hope to see you again next month.

    1. Well, you do have that lovely new rose garden as compensation, Sophie! Thanks for hosting :)


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