#mygardenrightnow: the autumn edition

The Erigeron Steps are looking good for #mygardenrightnow

It's the first weekend of September and time for the autumn edition of #mygardenrightnow!

We had a fantastic response in March and June, and I look forward to seeing how your garden's growing this weekend. I'm expecting to see lots of late season colour and harvests from the plot, plus plenty of projects and garden tasks on the go. I wonder if we'll have clear winners in the flower and crop photos this time?

Mr Linky is lined up below for your blog only contributions, followed by some FAQs for those of you who are new to #mygardenrightnow. 

I'll also scout for your hashtagged submissions on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to promote your posts. Facebook entries can be a little tricky to find sometimes, so do please give me a nudge via my Facebook Page to help find them if this is where you choose to respond (NB a tip from my friend Bren in Ohio - make sure you set your post to Public, so we can find it).

A note for Mr Linky, please submit the URL of your blog post, not your blog. It's easier for us to come and find your #mygardenrightnow entry and leave a comment if you do.

Here comes Mr Linky...

A dahlia the size of my head
Some FAQS to help you join in this time around...

Does it have to be just one photo?

That's entirely up to you! I plumped for one photo so it's easy for as many people as possible to join in. If you want to do more, please do.

I'm away this weekend, but I still want to join in

We've had a few people 'adopt' the garden where they're staying in previous rounds, and you're welcome to do the same.

I have both a garden and an allotment, which one should I photograph?

It's entirely up to you. I linked my garden and allotment together in March by using my trug to represent what's going on at the allotment. If you want to take separate photos of you at both sites, then that's OK too.

I'm camera shy

It doesn't have to be a photo of all of you. Feet or hands are acceptable and are easy to do if you're taking the photo yourself. As you can see Selfies are acceptable too. I took the one above with my camera for a bit of fun; let's just say it's easier if you use your phone!

I don't have a garden

If you have just one houseplant, then you can take part. That's your garden.

My garden's not a showpiece

That's just the kind of garden I want to see in #mygardenrightnow - we're celebrating all gardens, warts and all. Though if yours is all primped and ready for a NGS opening (real or otherwise), that's welcome too.

Can I use YouTube?

We've had some wonderful YouTube videos (plus another included in a Facebook Note), so I don't see why not. You'll need to let me know where it is if you choose to go down this route. If you don't link to it via your blog or other social media it's more difficult to find and promote your efforts.

Contributions are welcome on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook too.

Let me know in the comments if you have any further questions...

... otherwise see you later for #mygardenrightnow. The forecast looks best for tomorrow, so we could have flip flops on show on Saturday and sou' westers on Sunday!


  1. Pleased to join in #mygardenrightnow, hope you enjoy my post. Thanks for putting it all together!

  2. Loved the last #inmygardenrightnow. Lovely to see what everyone is doing on one weekend in the year. The season's moving on and I'm trying to get out there and enjoy every last ray of sunshine. The leaves are already starting to turn in my garden, and the farmer is ploughing the back field behind my summerhouse. Thanks again for hosting this meme, Michelle. Love karen x

  3. I've featured a huge wart this time round. A fabulous September day here and I trust that the weather gods have treated you just as kindly. Hope that you have a great weekend VP and thanks for coming up with this excellent idea xxx

  4. Ooh what fun! I'd like to share a selfie from Somerset 👍😊

  5. It's a wet day here in Hungerford, but we had a quick visit to the plot and got a snap of me there! Thanks for the opportunity to share

  6. Thanks for your comments and links everyone - I've been on a visit to Comment on your blogs. Thanks for taking part in #mygardenrightnow :)


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