Coming soon: #mygardenrightnow

The final #mygardenrightnow for 2017

Our final #mygardenrightnow is a chance to show off the festive edition of your garden and to seek out any hope during the darkest time of the year. You may be surprised how much life you find! That's the beauty of this meme; it gives us a chance to go out and really look at at what we have out there.

Whether my autumn leaves are still yellow, or have started their transformation into a dark, rich mulch remains to be seen...

All you need to do is take one photo of yourself in the garden - more if you want - and post it on your blog or favourite social media. Don't worry if your garden is looking bare or a mess, we want to see real gardeners and gardens! Christmas decorations or green shoots pushing their way through the soil, plus any floral or winter structure you want to show off are especially welcome. Your favourite coffee cups/tea mugs and winter attire will be fun additions.

Use the hashtag #mygardenrightnow so we can find you and come a-visiting. The fun starts at the weekend: December 2nd 2017.

See you there?

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Not quite sure what to do? Here's our posts so far so you get a good idea, there are lots of photos in each link to show you the way...


  1. The plot is almost bare now so my picture may be rather uninspiring. xx

    1. You might get s surprise, I had a sneak peek in the garden and found the daffodils are coming up!

  2. Replies
    1. I wouldn't expect anything less Sarah!

  3. I will try to be there too - probably indoors. I noticed your above comment about daffodils. Sometime after they flowered indoors last spring I left a small supermarket pot of 'Tête-à-Tête' daffodils close to the wall of the house. The first flower opened over a fortnight ago. Couldn't believe my eyes.


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