Postcard from Hampshire

View towards The Needles from Milford on Sea

Holiday postcards are sometimes received after the sender comes home, and so it is with my virtual one from Hampshire. My immediate return was taken up with #mygardenrightnow*, but I didn't want to ignore last week's much needed break.

We rented a cottage in Milford on Sea and fulfilled my dream of living in a place where there are marvellous walks to be had simply by stepping out of the door. The sea looms large in this dream, just like it does in the above view of The Needles. This scene is from the only duff day we had weatherwise, and shows scenery can still look good even on a grey day. The rest of the week was bracing and sunny, not bad for the end of November.

I relished the coastal scenery and the quite different wildlife on view to that of home. Milford borders the National Nature Reserve at Keyhaven and there were plenty of wading birds to spot, plus egrets and huge numbers of overwintering Brent geese. This was combined with an energy sapping** but welcome walk to Hurst Castle.

Hengistbury Head proved a fascinating place, with its wonderful combination of geology, archaeology, wildlife and landscape. It also boasts some of the most expensive real estate per foot in the UK, with tiny beach huts there going on sale for well in excess of a quarter of a million pounds.

NAH was well catered for*** with visits to the steam powered brickworks at Burlesdon and a thoroughly good day at Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard.****

* = thanks to everyone who took part; we all found a surprising amount of garden goings on for December. I've updated my post with links to those who kindly blogged over the weekend, so do head over there and settle down for a good read.

** = a four mile walk on loose shingle did wonders for my fitness levels!

*** = and me, but shhhhhh, don't tell him

**** = *Top Tip* - buy your ticket online before you go, to save oodles of cash. The new Mary Rose museum is incredible, and a boat trip round the harbour (always one of our favourite things to do) revealed the Navy's latest ship, HMS Queen Elizabeth in the final stages of her commissioning. This is due to finish later this week.


  1. Oh it sounds as if there was much to keep you occupied VP. Walking on shingle is as good as going to a gym. We spent a week in Rye in October and visited the Rye Harbour nature reserve as well as the RSPB reserve at Dungeness where we waded our way through much shingle. I hope that you returned thoroughly refreshed.

  2. I agree with your observation re shingle and gym visits Anna! It was a much needed break, thank you :)

  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Portsmouth Naval Dockyard. That's very much my area of the world as both my lovely Dad and brother have worked there during their careers in the Fleet Air Arm.


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