Unusual Front Gardens #27: Christmas Greenery

Festive front door in Holt, Wiltshire

Christmas wreaths are increasingly common feature on front doors in my corner of the world, and to make your own is a popular workshop (here's my attempt from a couple of years ago - I made something similar on Saturday).

I think this simple arrangement of Aucuba japonica and red Cornus stems tied together with ribbon is an equally effective seasonal welcome. It's an easy idea to source and copy using festive looking greenery and stems foraged from your own garden or nearby.

The doorway hails from Holt and it isn't the first time this delightful Wiltshire village has featured in my Unusual Gardens strand. I found an equally beguiling Statue nearby in 2014.


  1. Pretty!
    Have a wonderful week!

  2. This made me laugh, since I loathe spotted laurel with a passion, but the idea itself is simple and really elegant - even I could probably manage something passable!!

    1. And it doesn't have to be spotted laurel, but whatever you have to hand that's suitable. I look forward to seeing what you come up with Janet ☺

  3. Unusual but pretty. Love the ribbon tied to the top. Gives it a holiday feel!

    1. Yep - great use of traditional colours. Welcome to Veg Plotting Ann!


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