Veg Plotting in the news

Veg Plotting as seen in The Telegraph

Yesterday's gardening section in The Telegraph was HUGE! I had a little slot in there thanks to my friend Naomi. Sadly the weather forecast is against most of the tasks mentioned, though today's weather looks generally OK for a spot of raised bed making or plot mulching*, and there's plenty of opportunity for sowing seeds indoors**.

It was so relaxing (and less painful currently) to do this over the phone rather than bashing it out on the computer. Thanks to Naomi who did the latter as well as our call. There are lots more hints and tips here -  not just from me - with some that are doable whatever the weather. Note that the full online version is only available to subscribers.

As NAH says, now I've got to get on with it myself. What are your garden projects this weekend?

* = unless you have a broken wrist
** = which I will be doing... gingerly!


  1. It was good to see your smiling face as I read the Saturday supplement late last night. Good luck with the seed sowing. I'm off out soon to do some preps for seed sowing, pick a few flowers and maybe divide one or two perennials. Well that's the plan :)

    1. Hope the rain keeps off for you today Anna!

  2. I don't usually get the newspapers but made sure to put a copy in with my weekly shop when I saw on Twitter that you were in Naomi's article. And your good advice will last until another, less wet, weekend.

    1. Thanks Caro - I see via Twitter that Cally of Countrygate put up her pea and bean netting on her allotment yesterday so at least the 'Easter tradition' got going here in Wiltshire yesterday :)

  3. I hope the wrist is on the mend. Take it easy. And many congratulations for the Telegraph article. If only the weather would play ball, I too am itching to get out there!

    1. Thanks Jessica 😊 I'm looking forward to getting out there too.

  4. Oh how cool! And hope your wrist is on the mend!

    1. Thanks Guys! It's getting there... slowly


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