Postcard from Wiltshire: Season of Mists

Misty fields and autumnal hues near Charlcut, Wiltshire

Driving home across Wiltshire last Saturday towards sunset and nearly blinded by the light, it was well worth my discomfort to come across this misty autumnal scene across the fields near Charlcutt.

For once I've decided to crop the photo, so the result obeys the rule of thirds. I don't usually have much luck with misty photos as mine usually look quite dull and nothing like the scene I saw. Whilst there's still room for improvement, I'm happy with this one. The lower sun in the sky and the time of day (about an hour before sunset) must have helped 😊


  1. Perfect thirds. I enjoy cropping my pictures, the result is quite different to the too much too much I start with.

    1. Thanks Diana, I try to crop when taking the photo, but it was fun to do a little bit of experimenting with this one.


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