Wildflower Wednesday: A floral celebration in stamps

USPS Wild Orchid stamp issue due out on 21st February 2020

Top left to right: Triphora trianthophorosCypripedium californicumHexalectris spicataCypripedium Reginae, and Spiranthes odorata

Bottom, left to right: Platanthera leucophaeaTriphora trianthophorosPlatanthera grandifloraCyrtopodium polyphyllum, and Calopogon tuberosus

It's not often that my worlds of nature, gardens and stamp collecting collide, so a recent email about a forthcoming stamp issue in the USA on Friday is cause for celebration. Even better when it means I can join in Gail's Wildflower Wednesday.

These are a selection of 10 from over 100 native species which grow in the wild (and in gardens) in the States. We have 52 native species here in the UK, many of which are so rare they can only be seen in a nature reserve.

Thanks to Facebook friend Jacqueline Soule who double checked with David Coleman (originator of the email), I also have their confirmed names as shown above.

Now to find them if I can in their native habitat, or at least pick up a booklet of 20 stamps from the US Postal Service...


  1. We have had a few sets of botanical stamps that have come out in the past couple years. Did I buy any of them? No, am overrun with American flag stamps that I bought in bulk. Might be tempted one day though.

    1. I've been collecting British First Day Covers since I was 11 and (mumble mumble) a certain number of decades on I'm about to cancel my subscription because I'm overrun with stamp albums! It's a shame because many of our commemorative stamps are lovely and often designed by famous contemporary artists which I could never afford to otherwise buy.

  2. Glad to see this post! Love your enthusiasm for WW (it's next Wednesday) xoxo

    1. I thought I'd timed it perfectly when I wrote the post a couple of weeks ago, both for the issue itself and Wildflower Wednesday Gail! It was only when the post went up that I realised I was a week early ;)


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