VPGGB #7 - Living Salad

I laughed at the idea at full price - I thought to myself - I can do that at home from seed much more cheaply and so promptly did nothing about it. But at 20p reduced from £1.29...

A quick trip to the supermarket after choir on Monday evening to buy some biscuits ready for the accountant coming to see us the next day, found me waylaid by the bargain vegetable trolley. And so I came home with the pictured tray of Red Chard, Baby Pak Choi, Tatsoi and Golden Streaks. Oh and some dark chocolate HobNobs too.

Having a Sell By date's a bit laughable in this instance, but OK by me. What do you think? It means a kick start to this year's successional sowing - I'm already ahead on last year's efforts :)


  1. Looks like a bargain! if you can 'cut and come again' with that tray it might go on for ages!

  2. That's a pretty good buy VP. Here they are all the rage too and you can buy quite a few growing salads in the supermarkets, which I have done as they are fairly inexpensive over here. But I will start sowing my own pretty soon. Honest!

  3. Excellent, I have got to go to the supermarket today, so must keep my eyes open.

  4. Why not. Seems to me you have a lot to gain and nothing to loose at that price. I like a bargain myself.

  5. Mmm dark chocolate HobNobs! xx

  6. I bought one of those a couple of months ago - it wasnt too bad to start with but didnt last as long as I wanted. I think trying to keep these things going in the house doesnt really work especially at this time of year with heating going off and on.

  7. Looks like a super buy! And best of all, it just keeps on giving. :)

  8. Think of it as being creative VP - I have done it myself, but please don't mention dark chocolate HobNobs in the same breath :)

  9. That is a great bagain. I love you mentioned the hobnobbs, too. I have never had them, but since it is 3:28 in the afternoon, some tea and a Hobnobb sounds wonderful!

  10. Matron - that's what I'm hoping for...

    Yolanda - hopefully this is a stop gap until I've sorted my seeds out...

    Gary - it seems post 9pm is a good time to go, I also got 2 very large heads of broccoli for 40p and have just made a huge vat of broccoli and Dorset Blue Vinney soup (DBV has 30% less fat than stilton and has a fantastic taste)

    Hermes - that's exactly what I thought. Worth a try

    Flighty - guess what? They've all gone!

    PG - I'm hoping the increasing daylight and a southerly windowsill will help to keep them going a bit longer. A much better bet than outside in my coldframe at least.

    Nancy - I do hope so!

    Anna - sorry I couldn't help it. It's so long since we've had any and I couldn't help celebrating!

    Philip - we had the last of them yesterday afternoon - just the job!

    Have a great weekend everyone :)

  11. That looks great! It'll be a month or two before anything like that is on sale around here . . .

  12. I confess. I'm a fool for those little boxes of cut and come again - but Iwon't pay more than a quid. I did well with the rocket this summer and we have some under a cloche on the allotment with some mizuna and mustard greens. But you're right. Note to self, etc...

  13. It's an interesting idea, and I hope it will last for you. If I could find one around here, I might give it a try myself:)

  14. Kate - I think they're a bit early for round here too, but worth having a go with

    Colleen - I've made the same note to self. If only I could get my successional sowing right...

    Jan - fingers crossed you find something suitable!


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