A Postcard From Norfolk

Hello, hello, good to be back...

A change of scenery and two weeks without a computer - absolute bliss. Of course it means I've got loads to tell you - gardens, bookshops, places, wildlife, public planting and an Art Deco marvel just to whet your appetite. However, I also have hundreds of photos to sort, a massive sack of post and e-mails to sift through, probably loads of weeds up at the allotment as we've had 30+ mm of rain whilst I was away and a photography competition deadline on Wednesday. Oh, and there's a little matter of cramming 5 weeks worth of song learning and rehearsals - including knowing all the words in several languages - into two weeks ready for Sing for Water on June 26th. Gulp. Then back in the world of blogging there's Blooms Day tomorrow, all your comments here - many thanks for them, you've been as delightfully thoughtful and thought provoking as ever - and I need to catch up with everything you've been up to as well.

So forgive this little taster of a postcard and I hope you like the photo of one of the vast fields of poppies I saw over in Norfolk - do click to enlarge the picture and drink it all in. It's good to see this wildflower's back in a big way too.


  1. Good to have you back anyway. And glad you had a good time. And glad to see wild poppies again.

  2. "A change of scenery and two weeks without a computer - absolute bliss." I couldn't agree more--good for you for disconnecting! Love the field of poppies and looking forward to your updates, when you're ready. :)

  3. It's great to have you back. I missed you!

  4. Welcome back :) I briefly crossed the border into Norfolk last Thursday - heading towards Swaffham and also noticed poppies out in bloom. Look forward to hearing more about your travels.

  5. Welcome home! Can't wait to read your tales~~gail

  6. Hi everyone - thanks for all your good wishes, it is lovely to be back albeit very hectic. I've just done my first run through of the choir's practice CD and discovered I need extra oxygen as there's a very tricky Georgian song in there. We'll draw a veil over the Take That song...

    Anna - we were close to Swaffham on Thursday too :)


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