Things In Unusual Places #2: Astroturf

One of the freebies being handed out on the way to Chelsea was a sample of astroturf, something I'd associate more with the footballing version rather than the hallowed grounds of the Flower Show. I was given this about halfway between Sloane Square and the show itself. I can imagine it raised the eyebrows of a lot of visitors when they found out what was in the bag they'd been given. What amuses me most is that it even has little brown tufts of false grass in it, just like it's building up its own thatch for raking out. I wonder if Emmat will allow the use of astroturf in her plans for a revamped Chelsea?


  1. It almost looks like the real stuff. Actually I was bemused to recently find a company that sells fake grass with different pile lengths, just like a carpet. Apparently it's very popular with folk that have roof gardens or gardens in the shade where grass is unlikely to grow.

  2. It does look quite real...and you have to like a lawn that's maintenance free. Or perhaps you need to rake and fluff? I think the sports fields are the right places for it. :)

  3. I really would rather do without and have concreat but preferably something nicer.

    I see they have it in one of the small gardens at Wisley but I really dislike it.

  4. That stuff is great I bought some about three years ago to us on the rear balcony of our flat which is enclosed on three sides, it looks and feels so much better than the original concrete! If I could I'd post you a pic so you could see how good it is.

  5. Hi VP, I saw a demonstration of this faux grass being laid and while it is certainly no maintenance, it was the most expensive lawn I've ever seen! I think that I prefer a picnic on grasses that are real! gail

  6. I would love to have a maintence free lawn. My hubby spends too much time trying to keep it looking nice. -Jackie

  7. I've seen it here in a front garden in Toronto and was actually quite shocked at how convincing it is.

    It's one of those things that, while I'd never use it myself (and you should see what I laughably call my lawn; more like a forest right now), I can understand why other people would. It treads that line between false eyelashes and a toupé.

  8. Martyn - fascinating! I didn't know there was a range of astroturf to choose from, just like there's different seed mixes for the real thing!

    Nancy - I suspect a bit of fluffing would be required from time to time, except for the really short stuff perhaps.

    Joanne - Martyn's comment made me think wildly for a moment about the lawn under my shrubs, where there's nothing but moss. But on balance, I think I prefer the moss. In fact at the Dan Pearson talk I went to recently he was encouraging us to embrace moss and giving us tips on how to get it to grow in the garden!

    Dave - my email address is in the sidebar if you want to send a picture. I can imagine it would be rather nice to have a 'carpet' on your balcony!

    Gail - I've no idea on the cost of this stuff over here, but suspect it'll be expensive.

    Ellie Mae's Cottage - welcome to Veg Plotting! NAH also looks after the lawn over here too, but just enough to keep it vaguely in trim. I end up doing the edging and feeding.

    Helen - welcome and love it!


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