The YAWA Dictionary: Butt Updated

Early readers of this blog might recall the confusion I caused over the pond when referring to my butt. It led to my publishing the above picture and explaining how I use it to store water on my plot - you can have a look here if you'd like to see the original post.

However, sometimes the different meanings are deliciously combined and the word becomes completely irresistible to the You Ask, We Answer team ;)

You can see this and the other YAWA dictionary entries here. NB Mr. McGregor's Daughter and Gail @ Clay and Limestone, I've added Marmite to the list after your comments last week :)

If you have something which you think the YAWA Dictionary team should be investigating to improve international garden blogging understanding and fun, do add your suggestions in the Comments below.

The YAWA Dictionary: adding meaning to your garden blogging


  1. We really wish we had bought one of those 'water butts'. They are so funny! x

  2. Oh, my, VP! You're putting my poor rain barrels to the blush!

  3. LOL. Very cute and appropriate!

  4. Possibly the least delicious combination I can think of! That is just wrong - on so many levels...

  5. TIMP - aren't they just. Funny I was thinking of you when I posted this as I still remember your comment from the first time I posted the second picture! x

    OFB - I couldn't resist!

    Rosey Pollen - welcome! Glad you enjoyed the post :)

    Dawn - I bet your kids would love one though ;)


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