GBBD: Musing on White

Whilst looking around for Blooms Day this month, I've be struck by how I've been choosing the colour white for many of my new plants for my garden without realising it. I've already introduced you to one of them for my Muse Day and elsewhere I can see white Osteospermum and Impatiens bedded down in their summer planters. A new Trachelospermum jaminoides is just beginning to show its scented blooms and as you can see from the above photo I've had a marvellous display of Philadelphus 'Virginal' this year. It's the first time it's really bloomed properly since I planted it 9 years ago and I believe that's down to a combination of our harsher winter (everything seems to have gone bloom-ing crazy since then) and my mental note to remove it and plant something a bit more interesting last spring.

Having pondered and mused a little on this need for white, I believe it's my subconscious telling me to calm down and chill out more as real life has been rather hectic so far this year. Having realised this, I'll be trying to follow my brain's advice a bit better from now on...

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  1. My garden has gone the opposite way lots of hot colours appearing

  2. I too have been thinking of white plants, I wonder if it's a similar situation for me!
    At the moment I'm obsessed trying to get white plants and if I'm honest the stress levels are rising and I'm becoming increasingly anxious...

    Mmmm you may be on to something there!

  3. Your Philadelphus obviously liked the past winter--beautiful blooms! I've avoided most white flowers in my garden, but after seeing a small all-white garden on a recent garden walk, I've changed my opinion. There's something so pristine and I think calming about white flowers.

  4. I really like white flowers as I think that they always show up well against green foliage! Flighty xx

  5. I haven't much white at all in my garden~Must think this over since Phlox paniculata 'David' looks so lovely in the shade. Hoping life calms down for you~xxgail

  6. And I learned something recently about white flowers, especially those in hedegrows such as hawthorn - that many of them are white to attract insects at dusk and at night. Obvious really, but I never thought of it before.

  7. PG - I thought hot colours would be the thing here too, but there's too much going on elsewehere in my life at the moment. I need the calm of white.

    Liz - I hope things quieten down for you soon. Meanwhile, enjoy your white plants!

    Rose - I saw a garden in London recently which was mainly white and green. It's a good way of making a small space seem much larger

    Flighty - I always thought that wasn't for me, but this year seems different

    Gail - it won't be settling for a while yet unfortunately. Change is going to come...

    Mark - presumably that's why a lot of them are night scented too?

  8. Hmmmm I never thought of it like that but I think you might be right there. I've done the same just recently without realising it. I love white.

    Tilly x

  9. Tilly - welocme! Hope white does the trick for you too!


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