GBMD: Potpourri

No bought potpourri is so pleasant as that made from ones own garden, for the petals of the flowers one has gathered at home hold the sunshine and memories of summer, and of past summers only the sunny days should be remembered.

Eleanour Sinclair-Rohde

I've been pondering on scent in my garden lately and how reliant I've become on the usual stalwarts such as roses, lavender and herbs. Last week I added to this repertoire by buying the pictured Nemesia 'Wisley vanilla' on Threadspider's recommendation. She waxed so lyrical about its wonderful scent that everyone within hearing distance dived in and bought one as well. Then at Cottesbrooke on Friday, Actaea 'Black negligee' was amongst my purchases to bring lots of tall scented white flowers to a shady spot in my late summer garden.

Finding this quote ready for GBMD made me think about my scented garden further and onto home made potpourri...

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  1. My garden potpourri has leaves too. Scented pelargoniums, santolina, lavender - to keep the rose petals company. When my basket is full it goes back to the garden as mulch. And we start again. I could stuff a mattress with dried rose petals!

  2. Happy July, VP! I didn't even realize that nemesia had a scent, but one with a vanilla fragrance sounds like a delightful addition to the garden. My current favorite scent in the garden is my lemon verbena--I can't resist crumbling a leaf each time I pass it.

  3. John - glad you like it

    EE - good point about not forgetting scented leaves too

    Rose - it's one of the new perennial (for us at least) Nemesias. I don't usually go for the new versions of old favourites, but this one is exceptional. I can even smell the vanilla scent from my bedroom window upstairs.

  4. Will have to look out for that nemesia VP . I bought a couple of actaeas at Malvern for some late summer scent :)

  5. Anna - I've really been enjoying that Nemesia's scent and it's a perennial too :)

    Jim - you are obviously spam. No matter how many times you post your multitude of links into this blog, I will delete you.


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