April is the Blog Love Month IV

Colander lights add a quirky touch to Yeo Valley HQ 

I'm veering off-topic - as I frequently do here on Veg Plotting - with some non-gardening blogs which have caught my eye this week. Don't worry, there are a couple of gardening ones by way of a finale too :)
  • First up is my beloved NAH. After years of teasing me about Veg Plotting, he finally started his own blog a couple of years ago. He's putting a steam engine back together without the manual - or many of the parts! Have a look at how he's progressing on Sentinel 7109
  • I've just found out about the fascinating neolithic houses project at Stonehenge. It's something I hope to investigate personally next month.
  • It's a small hop, skip and a jump to my Local Vocal Janice's new blog Immaterial Practice documenting her progress and discoveries in the 30 days up to her Fine Art degree show.
  • Found via my friend Mark's blog, I love Perpetua's way of roving in retirement.
  • Not a blog, but I couldn't resist telling you about the Darwin Correspondence Project - which showcases the correspondence between Darwin and the botanist Joseph Hooker. They were great friends and Darwin wrote to Hooker about his emerging ideas re evolution...
  • Found via my daily Twitter newspaper - an article on the science of colour in marketing is also food for thought for blog design and layout methinks...
  • Shared by Mark Diacono this week, I enjoyed this exploration of the routines famous authors and artists used in their day to day work.
As this is the last Sunday in April, I'm also including the final two discoveries for tomorrow and Tuesday.
  • Sarah Salway has a number of blogs, all of which deserve a link, but Writer in the Garden is the only one I haven't commented on... until now. I love her idea for this year's Chelsea Fringe. Now everyone has the opportunity to take part :)
  • I've saved a real treat until last. Alys Fowler has a blog now and started with a beautifully written and observed encounter with a bee.
So there you have it. 30 days and (almost) 30 new to me blogs. All showing how mind bogglingly rich the blogosphere is and how Emma's idea for April was a cracking one :)

Here's the previous weeks if you missed them:

Which enjoyable new blogs have you discovered lately? Tell me about them in the comments below...


  1. Thank you for the links to additional sites to explore. I also wanted to say how much I enjoyed your photo of Colander lights. It is such great fun.

  2. Beautiful colander lights. I have just been on a very enjoyable blog wander. I especially enjoyed the routines of artists and writers. And I'm thrilled that Alys Fowler has a blog - I'm a huge fan and I've followed her writing for the Guardian for a while now. Thank you for finding all this stuff!

  3. Charlie - welcome and thank you :)

    CJ - I'm thrilled too. I hope to do this again from time to time, it's good to get out and about and discover new blogs like yours :)


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