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A very warm welcome to Garlic and Sapphire readers :)

I'm burbling on about growing salad leaves in a guest post over at Sarah Raven's blog today. For those of you contemplating joining the 52 Week Salad Challenge, this is the perfect guide to get growing now.

In other writing news, I've also started to blog for Gabriel Ash, with a quick review of last month's Edible Garden Show. It'll be interesting to see where this regular feature goes over the next few months.

Now, I must settle down and write my latest article for Wiltshire magazine; edible insect anyone?


  1. If ever I eat an insect, I prefer to spit it out. Sometimes hard to wash away every blackfly in cabbage. Maybe they add a little protein to our diet?

  2. Hi Lucy - it was a mealworm and was surprisngly tasty. I spent an amazing afternoon with Sally-Ann of Minibeast Mayhem who goes round schools inspiring them about the amazing world of insects.

    As a nation we're in the minority when it comes to actively eating insects. But then, we do eat insects without realising we are! E.g. cochineal.

  3. PS yes, insects are a protein-rich food!

  4. Good luck with your new writing ventures!

  5. Goodness, you're busy! I love reading Garlic and Sapphire so will have your latest zooming into my mailbox, what fun! And, yes, I have been thinking of joining your Salad Challenge so may well take the plunge now! .. but I'll pass on the insect appetizer, thanks! C x

  6. Busy lady! I have, like Lucy, only eaten bugs accidentally. Wonder how I'd fare with my usual boast that I'll try anything once...

  7. How exciting to see what directions your writing is taking you - well done and much deserved VP. Love the look of the Amaze lettuce in your last post, may even be tempted to nibble hairy bittercress (despite serrated edges) but it's a resounding no to insects :)

  8. VP you need to dip it in chocolate!

  9. Hi everyone - thanks for all your good wishes. I had a big debate about blowing my own trumpet, but THEN this is my blog and at last I'm fulfilling a goal :)

    Caro - it'd be great having you join the challenge :) x

    Helen - I think it was you who shared that food challenge on FB re all the foods that'd been tried, I was mightily impressed with your score!

    Anna - it's funny how I tried that insect at the beginning of March and how there was a TV documentary all about the value of insects in the diet not long after!

    Compostwoman - everything needs dipping in chocolate ;)


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