Wordless Wednesday: Teeny Tiny Snails


  1. Oh they're pretty. Will they grow up to be huge hosta-eating snails though..?

  2. Very cute..... but also grrr snails :)

  3. CJ - I'm intrigued by them. They look very much like the tiny freshwater snails I'm used to seeing when I do stream survey work. But which of the familiar ones in the garden do they grow up to be? I'm sure they'll like my hostas though!

    Gaz - yes they are! But half an hour later they'd disappeared :/

  4. They certainly are different from the baby snails in my garden, which have pretty flat shells. Perhaps you're about to become a site of special scientific interest!

  5. Why do babies of any species look so cute?
    What was their fate?
    Did they live to see another day or did you despatch them?

  6. Helen - we nearly moved to North Wales a few years ago and the house I liked the look of did have a SSSI in its garden!

    Dobby - they simply crawled away! I'm trying to find out what they were because they're unlike the usual garden snails we see and they look much more like freshwater snails.


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