Wordless Wednesday: Autumn at Holt Farm


  1. Wow, what a stunning picture. I can really feel the autumn sunshine. It looks like a really lovely place - I think I could spend a few happy hours wandering around there.

    1. Hi CJ - wow indeed :) I visited Holt Farm two weeks in a row. The first was in the rain and there was still plenty of interest even then. I met a couple from Devon who open their garden to the public and were frantically taking photos. They agreed that a garden with plenty of interest in the rain is a rarity and should be treasured.

  2. Great photo VP on what looks like a glorious autumn day. Is the lake part of the property?

    1. Yes and no, Anna. The lake belongs to Bristol Water and it's Holt Farm (with all its happy Yeo Valley cows) itself rather than the garden which goes down to the lake. However, there are some events at the garden which include trout fishing on the lake and the garden team like to make use of the surrounding landscape as part of the garden.

  3. Isn't that just lovely! I love how there's still so much to see at the moment - perennials having a last moment of glory before winter dieback and grasses slowly fading into their winter colours. Just glorious!

    1. I'm really surprised at how green lots of the trees were last week Caro. I'm sure that's changing though...


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