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Picture of a katsura tree at The Dingle Garden near Welshpool
Photo taken whilst standing beneath a Katsura tree at The Dingle, October 2014
NB This year's National Tree Week is 29th November to December 7th.


  1. One of my favorite quotes...great image!

  2. Thanks Donna - I wish there was smellovision as well, the scent of spun sugar at the time was wonderful!

  3. It's a magnificent tree, especially the scent!

    1. Indeed, we could smell it from quite far away :)

  4. Fab tree, and spun sugar, mmmmm!

    1. I was at Knoll Gardens earlier in the year and I could smell the one they have there, even with a cold!

  5. Such a beautiful and wise quote. :o)


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